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Implemented These are ideas that have been suggested by users, and implemented in Bubble.
About the Idea category [Idea] (1)
New integration request for deep linking in native apps [Idea] (4)
[WORKING] iOS Style swipe left for buttons (Fully Responsive) [Implemented] (8)
In Editor: Show all hidden groups/elements within a selected Group [Idea] (1)
Really cool ecommerce API [Idea] (11)
Dynamic Colors for Styles [Idea] (2)
New "Table" element - double entry table [Idea] (3)
IDEA | Scheduled API on a list - Dynamic Intervals [Idea] (2)
Additional Image run-mode rendering option [Idea] (2)
No-form payment options (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Payment Request API) [Idea] (3)
FEATURE IDEA: Allow horizontal padding on the Bubble dropdown input [Idea] (2)
API workflows scheduling themselves [Idea] (14)
Show all associated actions with an element [Idea] (4)
Allow Bubble sites to be iframed [Idea] (5)
Feature Request: Search App Tool should find fields inside filters [Idea] (2)
Full List RG Display should not be limited to 500 records [Idea] (1)
Password field Show/Hide ( 2 ) [Idea] (26)
Create "Styles" Edit-only Permission [Idea] (4)
Is it possible to design a logo or import one to Bubble? [Idea] (6)
Placeholder/text for an Image Element, useful for empty profile photos (ready to sponsor) [Idea] (3)
Expose Repeating Group's Current Page [Idea] (3)
Shapes with "blurring option" [Idea] (2)
Dropdowns won't translate [Idea] (6)
Group focus, keep open? [Implemented] (5)
Barcode Reader / Scanner ( 2 ) [Idea] (33)
Automatic creation of sub-app, subdomain DNS, SSL [Idea] (8)
Feature Idea: Hide Bubble banner in version-test only with 60 second timed countdown [Idea] (1)
"Reveal in Elements Tree" Keyboard Shortcut [Idea] (2)
Schedule a workflow after "Schedule workflow on a list" has finished [Idea] (12)
[SOLVED] Bubble forum app is slow! Do we need a fresh one? [Idea] (8)