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Implemented These are ideas that have been suggested by users, and implemented in Bubble.
About the Idea category [Idea] (1)
Idea: paste workflows into specific folders [Idea] (2)
Select parent from Conditional Tab [Idea] (3)
Wouldn't It Be Nice [Idea] (1)
Feature Request: Create new page [Idea] (12)
Use App's Color Palette as Dynamic Colors in Bubble Styles [Idea] (5)
Feature Request: Commit to Development [Idea] (8)
Request: Would like to change styles conditionally [Idea] (11)
Remove fade in/out animation for popup [Idea] (1)
Add milliseconds to date/time fields in database/App Data table [Idea] (10)
Allow my app users to access other web app data through Bubble API Connector [Idea] (3)
More operators on List of Things [Idea] (1)
Checkbox height is 15px in edit mode, 18px in run mode [Idea] (1)
Nested filters should keep expanding [Idea] (1)
Improving Performance: Allowing Assignment of Expressions to a State [Idea] (4)
Open in New Tab from Workflow [Idea] (4)
Find out if a workflow is used by anything else [Idea] (2)
Feature request: Variable heights/width for Repeating Group items (and other elements?) [Idea] (18)
Bubble's chart element / pie chart [Idea] (1)
Ability to use deployment information in a repeating group [Idea] (1)
Pay For Bubble Subscription With PAYPAL (or other) [Idea] (1)
Edit (the style of) multiple items at ones [Idea] (4)
Add "floating relative to" options in conditional formatting tab for floating groups [Idea] (6)
Search 2.0 - Summarizing what I've learned exploring Algolia ( 2 3 ) [Idea] (46)
Using bubble only as backend layer [Idea] (8)
Option to select multiple elements in the elements tree [Idea] (4)
Page/Group height should adjust to screen height [Idea] (9)
Adobe XD visual feature in Bubble [Idea] (2)
Advertising inside repeating group [Idea] (8)
Deleted fields still used = issue? [Idea] (7)