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Implemented These are ideas that have been suggested by users, and implemented in Bubble.
About the Idea category [Idea] (1)
Additional Image run-mode rendering option [Idea] (6)
API POST call - Make a field in JSON object optional? [Idea] (5)
Reverse Ext. Vertical Scroll [Idea] (3)
Search Custom Data Types [Idea] (3)
Scroll to a saved position [Idea] (7)
FEATURE REQUEST: Ability To Dissect Security Settings By Using The App Search Tool [Idea] (1)
Apply gradients to text elements as color (not background) [Idea] (1)
Group colapse animations options [Implemented] (6)
Add Floating Group to Resuable Elements [Implemented] (1)
Make a GroupFocus scrollable / dynamically adjust a GroupFocus height? [Idea] (13)
Animations that are consistent with Material Design [Idea] (1)
We want cool features [Idea] (3)
Set "valid" property for conditions [Idea] (4)
Workflow triggered based on scroll position [Idea] (8)
Multi-select in file manager to delete uploaded files [Idea] (1)
Adding brightness to Imgix processing [Idea] (1)
Improving Performance: Allowing Assignment of Expressions to a State ( 2 ) [Idea] (28)
Ability to edit fields in Workflow items easier [Idea] (1)
Automatic Condition "This XXX Isn't Valid" Set on Input Form Styles [Idea] (1)
Ability to copy portions of the database whilst maintaining reations [Idea] (2)
Bubble's chart element / pie chart [Idea] (3)
Consistent sort order for data fields [Idea] (1)
Workflow viewport height to 100% [Idea] (1)
Add ability to hide floating groups in Responsive view [Idea] (16)
Bubble Affiliate Program - Get paid a commission to refer people to Bubble [Idea] (3)
Don't allow deleting an element if it has an associated workflow [Idea] (9)
Personalized gifting campaign [Idea] (4)
Page Height Reset [Idea] (9)
Center vertically [Idea] (12)