Implemented These are ideas that have been suggested by users, and implemented in Bubble.

About the Idea category [Idea] (1)
Any possibilities for a plugin free barcode reader or Easy QR Code Scanner [Idea] (7)
Counter element [Idea] (1)
Access Bubble's Application Info From Within the app [Idea] (1)
FullCalendar Integration ( 2 3 ) [Idea] (45)
Support for ISO 8601 formatted dates in API workflows [Idea] (5)
Small CSV import improvement [Idea] (4)
Audible alert when "Saving" turns red [Idea] (4)
Font Awesome 5 support [Idea] (8)
Dynamic Data for Page HTML Header [Implemented] (18)
Take a picture input? [Idea] (8)
Add placeholder as property for condition in date picker [Idea] (4)
Forest Admin Backend SAAS. Match with Bubble? [Idea] (5)
Badly needed Datasource editor [Idea] (6)
[New Plugin] UNIX Converter ( 2 ) [Implemented] (32)
Geographic Searchbox [Idea] (6)
Please make learning videos resizeable / maximizeable [Idea] (1)
Comment or Note on each workflow [Idea] (3)
Repeating group paging [Idea] (1)
New workflow action "Change application text" [Idea] (2)
5 simple improvements for Bubble [Idea] (9)
Idea: Bubble Updates (Incidents, App Utilization Alerts, etc) via Slack [Idea] (3)
AWS Network Load Balancer cross-zones [Idea] (1)
Feature Request: Add Thai Baht Currency Symbol [Idea] (1)
Broken background image URLs should show warning [Idea] (1)
Add more actions to context menu in elements tree [Idea] (1)
Undo/Redo tooltips [Idea] (4)
AppText as a Database Field Type [Idea] (1)
Help people that create educational Bubble content: Tell us what you want to learn next [Idea] (4)
[Feature Request] - Hosting files in the root directory [Idea] (6)