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Implemented These are ideas that have been suggested by users, and implemented in Bubble.
About the Idea category [Idea] (1)
Add a Search field on the App data tab for the database views [Idea] (1)
Set global workflows that run across an entire site [Idea] (2)
I wish the App Search Tool could find specific text when searching by 'Uses field' [Idea] (2)
Tab Index exposed [Idea] (17)
[Feature Request] - Hosting files in the root directory [Idea] (7)
"Open Source/Community" pricing plan [Idea] (4)
:group by - Year option for Date Fields [Idea] (1)
Disable a plugin [Idea] (5)
Plugin & Editor Wishlist [Idea] (6)
Please offer a data table element ( 2 ) [Idea] (28)
“Buy Someone a Beer” Button [Idea] (9)
List view possible: [Idea] (4)
Please let us upload/download language files [Idea] (4)
Display dropdowns to pick year more than 10 years [Idea] (1)
Easier workflows [Idea] (2)
Select all child elements in a group [Idea] (1)
Picture uploader placeholder condition [Idea] (7)
Upsell on Shopify [Idea] (2)
Feature Request: Automatic 301 Redirect Created When Custom Page Readable URL Is Added [Idea] (1)
Ability to open element properties from the pick element combo [Idea] (2)
Add ":converted to" to expression builder [Idea] (1)
Organise workflow folders into folders, more event colors [Idea] (1)
Expanding on the very limited dynamic data for SEO descriptions [Idea] (8)
Do you have plans for offline apps? ( 2 3 4 ) [Idea] (63)
Server side improvements [Implemented] (2)
"Keep proportions" on icons and on groups [Idea] (2)
Resize font-size based on screed width-size [Idea] (2)
Clone this page DOES NOT clone Note indicators?! [Idea] (1)
Serious Limitation In Data Privacy Roles? [Idea] (5)