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Implemented These are ideas that have been suggested by users, and implemented in Bubble.
About the Idea category [Idea] (1)
Format condition "is disabled" [Idea] (4)
Style size of checkboxes [Idea] (4)
"Make this File private and attach this file to" possible improvements [Idea] (5)
Select app data types in API connector/API workflow [Idea] (1)
Please make cols center in horz repeating groups [Idea] (6)
Server Log Improvements [Idea] (2)
Paypal or payment processing clone? [Idea] (1)
Additional Image run-mode rendering option [Idea] (4)
[New Plugin] Face Detection [Implemented] (8)
Bug Tracking Feature [Idea] (2)
Pick a time without picking a date? [Idea] (16)
Parenthesis Feature Request [Idea] (9)
Barcode Reader / Scanner ( 2 3 ) [Idea] (41)
Schedule API workflows based on capacity [Idea] (3)
Add to contextual menu "Go to custom event" [Idea] (1)
[IDEA] add "Active" checkbox to workflow [Implemented] (19)
Dynamic Font Family and Font Size [Idea] (2)
Animations Ideas [Idea] (1)
Drag n drop workflow child into another workflow parent [Idea] (3)
Making a real world game in bubble [Idea] (1)
Centered Repeating Group & Scrolling Containers for RG's [Idea] (1)
Source map for the genrated JS? [Idea] (1)
Search 2.0 - Summarizing what I've learned exploring Algolia ( 2 3 ) [Idea] (45)
Reusable condition like custom events and reusable elements [Idea] (3)
Big thanks to Bubble Admin for the Invoice INT currency and App Name addition [Implemented] (2)
Tooltip over Undo/Redo Changes with additional information [Idea] (1)
Save selection in Bubble Editor [Idea] (3)
Manually set page width in responsive view [Idea] (1)
Search 2.0 Capabilities [Idea] (12)