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Font Awesome 5 support [Idea] (16)
Making the plans clearer on the settings page [Idea] (1)
Current date/time should keep up with actual time [Idea] (6)
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Bubble, why dost thou not use <p> tags? [Idea] (1)
Mobile application view [Idea] (1)
Refresh Page - Rethink Idea [Idea] (2)
New Blockchain themed simulation game, [Idea] (2)
Building a Flowchart with Bubble [Idea] (1)
Stopwatch plugin for a user identical to what Apple's stopwatch function in "Clock" does [Idea] (6)
"Shrink" option should be separate from "Collapse" [Idea] (1)
Idea: Bubble setting to change default iOS Status Bar [Idea] (1)
Bitbucket Support for Plugins [Idea] (3)
Dynamic Input for Scroll To [Idea] (3)
Could we add a Discord icon into Bubble? [Idea] (1) plugin for Short URL and Stats [Idea] (3)
Workflow is in a workflow folder - indicator [Idea] (3)
Searchbox: ability to add conditional data-source [Idea] (2)
Feature request: Variable heights/width for Repeating Group items (and other elements?) ( 2 ) [Idea] (22)
Hide All Groups [Idea] (1)
"Make this File private and attach this file to" possible improvements [Idea] (10)
Feature Request: WEBRTC User to User Messenger / Chat [Idea] (12)
Generate token for email confirmation [Idea] (8)
The topic "Conflicts" should be opened in the forum [Idea] (3)
Collapse all Groups Button [Idea] (6)
Need assistance Developing An App [Idea] (1)
Need Help with Developing an App [Idea] (1)
Placeholder Text to Floating Label [Idea] (4)
Missing option: Add minutes [Idea] (4)