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A couple Stripe formatting issues


The Stripe plugin works perfectly fine on a desktop. However when I test it on a mobile device I get two formatting problems. I am wondering if anyone knows how to resolve them. Here they are in order.

Right when we get to the Stripe portion of the workflow the screen shows a modal overlay but all it shows is a Subscribe button. If you click the button it works but it isn’t a particularly good user experience. See screenshot.

The second formatting thing is my logo doesn’t appear during checkout. I have a logo uploaded to Bubble and Stripe, I simply can’t figure out where the logo field is for this part of checkout so I can upload one to make the form look complete. Again, not a great user experience when the logo looks like this. Screeshot below.




I also have the logo issue, even though, like you, I uploaded it in Bubble and in Stripe. Interested to know if there’s a solution for this…


Found a solution?


For the logo, I don’t have the issue anymore, but I’m not sure if I did something, if Bubble did something, or if Stripe did something…

What you can try it to set your logo in Stripe in these two locations:

  • Business Settings > Branding
  • Connect > Settings > Branding

I think I had not done the second one before. Maybe that’s why.

Couldn’t do anything about the Subscribe button though… :confused:


Yes I tried that too. I sent a bug report.
Thanks @Lucien.