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Access gmail emails subject/body



I’m looking at sync gmail emails with a bubble app & I’m just wondering if a plugin would already exist or if I need to create a bubble API. It seems there’s no plugin but maybe I’m wrong.

Thank you,


Are you using google to signup to your app ?

If you are it should be a bit easier. Request the right scope and the APIs to access Gmail emails should not be too complex.

Signing up with a email/password and then linking a google account is somewhat tricker, but not impossible.


I was going to add this feature (gmail signup) yes while implementing the feature (gmail access emails).
Thank you


Hi! @NigelG is right. It would be much easier to use the Google Signup, and then use the authentication information to connect to Google API using Gmail scopes.

Once a user is logged in, you can use a token to fetch data to your Bubble App.

Hope this post below would help you.


thank you!