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Active Cell plugin


Hi Bubblers,

Does anyone know how the Active Cell plugin works? It sounds pretty useful (I want to be able to refer to the active cell of an RG outside of the RG and this claims to do it.

Anyone know how to use it?


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I’ve sent you an instruction to your email.



Thanks so much! It works so well! I just set the state of The Cell’s content :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!


Hi !

Also interested in using the plugin. Could I get a copy of those instructions? Thanks so much!


Hi @nik,
Welcome to the community!

Please follow with the next steps:

  1. Insert a Cell element inside of your Repeating Group
  2. Select a value type of your Repeating Group. For instance, User type
  3. Set a value. For instance, Current Cell’s User
  4. In workflow’s elements section you will find A cell is active
  5. Set up your logic

Please feel free to contact me, if you will have any questions.



Cool hack, thanks for posting this!


So I was able to follow the steps, but have a few questions.

If I have a Repeating Group that’s a full list (or ext vertical scrolling, I can do either) 1 x 1 group. I placed the Cell Element in the RG. Let’s say I have 7 items in my repeating group. As I scroll down the page, I scroll through each of the 7 elements. If I understand correctly, the Active Cell is the Cell that is currently in view as I scroll through the RG? Or am I misunderstanding.

Basically, I am trying to have a “vertical progress bar” similar to the one that this forum uses on the right side. I was hoping that the active cell would allow me to “mark” which cell is currently in view to inform my progress bar if that makes sense.

I just tested the plugin under the assumption that ^ that’s what active cell was referring too, but the cell number was jumping all over the place as I scrolled.

Thanks for all the help!


This is a very cool plugin, really helpful for collecting a repeating groups cells data outside of the repeating group and performing workflow actions, nice one.


Sorry for the late response.
Is it still relevant for you?

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