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Advice on App Finishing for Mobile - "wrapper options"


Hi All ,

I just wanted to ask if any one had any advise on the following which will be up to date. I am an amateur app builder but I wanted to build a mobile web app using bubble , I have gotten as far as getting it done in bubble and I would like it to be uploaded to the app store . Now I have come to a point were I would need a “wrapper” I wanted to know people’s opinion on them as of 2018/2019 . I have so far come across Dropsource( but the pricing is putting me off, its almost $1k per annum and I will also need to learn how to use their platform as well ) and the other one I have heard about is thunkable.Does any one have any other suggestions or are they the only two options?


I would not pay for Dropsource if you’re just going to use a wrapper. If you want to build a native app, it’s a viable choice. I see folks opt for Superview or Webview Gold. You could also look at @zeroqode’s service on their website, and @copilot has a service, too.


Thanks for the shoutout @andrew_bpco!

Hey @onamusia,

Check out Deploy, our simple mobile deployment service. In a nutshell, we do all the technical work for you including getting you on the App Store and Play Store. There’s some common questions we’ve addressed at the bottom of the information page, but you could always give us a shout with any questions or concerns over at :slight_smile:


In trying to look at your site and all I am getting is this screen. Even when I request the desktop site in the browser.


Hi @J805,

That’s odd - we’re able to see the website on desktop as expected while the above is the expected view for mobile as of now. If you continue to see issues, let us know more at :wink:


Thank you very much Andrew for those two suggestions . I appreciate you taking the time out to write a response. Thanks


Hi, Thanks for getting in touch, I will check them out now and see if it’s a good fit for me , but it looks good from the information you have posted.