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All APPS Down Again :(


Bubble is such an awesome platform I would not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Like StevenM said, it think that it is important to point out the issues when they do come up so that they get solved permanently for everyone.


@confirmed272 All platforms have issues. I wouldn’t worry too much about the infrequent issues with Bubble and get to building your idea(s). :slight_smile:


^^^ this.

BTW, if one has ever set up one’s own web server and all that garbage and dealt with downtime one’s self, one’s attitude about Bubble downtime is not, “OMG WHATS GOING ONZ!?!!?!”

Instead it’s, “Oh you poor bastards. Welp, glad I don’t have to deal with that.”

(Users on dedicated plans who’ve been strangely impacted by recent events: That comment’s not about you, ya know?)


Basecamp was down pretty much all day yesterday.

Is anyone else having difficulty getting the server logs to work ?

I just get a blank page all the time ?


I don’t ever remember down time when I was on a dedicated plan. Downtime on the bubble is an rare exception, not the norm.


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