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API // Cannot pick up response



I am trying to use the Twinword keyword suggestion API for my client.
It seems like I got the right response.

But I cannot “pick up” the keywords field when browsing the repeating group.

Here are the link of the preview and buuble app.

here is the link of their short doc.

Can someone help me please ?



Yes, that is a list and bubble doesn’t recognise it very well.

What you could do is is see if you can stringify the output and read it in that way.


Thanks nIgel,

i have no idea how to do it on Bubble…

Can you suggest something or show a demo ?

thanks for your time :slight_smile:


The API Connector returns values, but won’t return a list of the keys. So, it is working by design given your screenshots. You may be able to solve this with server side actions in javascript.