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API Connector: How to dynamically call a request ? Based on data previously returned by another request?



I receive a list of advertisers (id, name, url, uid) from an endpoint :

GET /advertisers 

1. 1201, demo,, irs394
2. 1202, test,, irs312

A second endpoint gives the details for one advertiser (id, name, url, uid, owner, age, etc…):

GET /advertiser/uid

1201, demo,, irs394, bob, 23, etc...

How to display a simple table containing all the advertisers details (one by row)


Make the two calls, create a thing with the data you get then display that thing in a repeating group.


Ok, how to “create a thing” with the data ?


Create a thing, and use get data from external API, then the call you set up


Can you be more precise? I don’t get it


@hermes A link to your test app might help


In the workflow to create a thing, fill the fields using Get data from external API, and then reference your call as the API used.


Do the initial lessons, they cover exactly that.


Ok, thanks!