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Api returning data with comma separated


All experienced bubblers
I am using an api to get data and successfully retrieved data, but the response comes in database with comma separated in a cell.
I saved and tried to show data in RG but its showing with commas

Need some help, how to show data in RG.
My api is “Retrieve All Guests”

Please see the attached screens



You need to do a “create a list of things”, since your API is returning a list of items.


Thx Kfawcett
I dont have create a list iof things. i have make changes to list of things


Hi Kfawcett
I managed to get the list in the database. when i am trying to show in Rg, its still showing as the list in one cell.
How do i make it show in different cells in repeating group.

Please see attached screen shot.