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Audio Recorder Plugin


Hi guys,

I’m working on an app at the moment where the audio recorder plugin plays a central role. The problem I’m having is that it doesn’t work on some mobile browsers. I found a GitHub repository where someone created an audio recorder than works on mobile, even on iOS 11, link below:

I just have no javascript experience and so I can’t create the necessary Bubble plugin that uses the above code. Can anyone help me?



I have gone over your post and would be able to assist you
You can reach me on




I handle a lot of work for my clients based in States, Europe, Canada and rest of the globe. I would love to assist your required task. If you can please send me an email at or please join me on Skype: cis.garry so that we can set up a quick call to discuss further.

Your reply is awaited.



Bubble should ideally update the plug-in to support mobile. If anyone comes up with a working plug-in I will buy it. The current plug-in if you play the audio in the browser sounds completely different and it’s only when you upload it you get the same pitch and tone. The visualisation is helpful as a visual confirmation to the user


Hi guys. Just to give you an update, I’ve got someone working on the plugin at the moment with low priority to keep the price reasonable. The deadline is currently end of December for the basic recording functionality. I’ll keep you updated.



Check with your dev on os and browser support. I did a quick mockup using the webrtc library with record, pause and continue recording … play etc etc. In HTML and toolbox. Save in base64 … that all worked but only on iOS and of course desktop. I added wavesurfer.js for the visual
Indication. I had no luck with any other browser or android. In a normal HTML it works so might be another plugin or something in bubble that’s a blocker


just a quick update for anybody who is interested. After doing a bit more investigation it looks like the existing native plug-in is based on this or similar

Challenge with the existing audio recorder is that beyond the fact that it won’t work on mobile… Recording and playing that in the browser its distorted (it’s actually a lower quality setting 41,000 MHz I think from the tests I’ve done) I’m guessing but it sounds similar. Whereas once the recording is uploaded to S3 its 48,000 so it sounds correct…again I’m guessing.


Thanks Bubbleboy, that’s interesting. I guess from the website you posted that the native Bubble plugin is based on Recorder.js

There’s a lot of interesting comments in the issues from people with mobile problems. At least Bubble runs on https or it seems we’d really be in trouble!


Hey All,
just wanted to let you know that we have built an audio recorder plugin that lets you choose .wav or .mp3 format.
it works on all devices except iphones unfortunately.
We will be submitting it to the marketplace soon.
Anyone wants to test before it goes live? Please reply here indicating your app’s name.


Levon Terteryan
Founder@Bubblewits - #1 No-code Developer & Bubble Certified Partner - Get in Touch! - Buy Great Bubble Templates - Bubble Apps collection


Yep. they only reason i mention the 41,00 htz is that if youve dev is using the library mentioned in the first thread its preset to 41000, change that to 48,000 and youre set.

@levon i would be very keen to try out the plugin. I will be shortly launching an app and audio recording plays a pivotal role. The current is just not usable in prod …ive wrestled with using Ziggio for Audio only.I’ll ping you my app name. thanks for the offer to the community


Hi Levon. That sounds great. Can I ask why it doesn’t work with iPhone?


Hey Richard, take a look at this thread


Sorry guys, we were to quick to announce that the plugin is ready. Actually it does work but we can’t seem to save the file into the database yet. It can be accessed within the same user session though.

@jarrad can you help us out on how to save the Blob file into Bubble and get back the URL of the file?
Here is the thread: Upload file with enable-autobinding to data base



Levon Terteryan
Founder@Bubblewits - #1 No-code Developer & Bubble Certified Partner - Get in Touch! - Buy Great Bubble Templates - Bubble Apps collection


Hi Levon, the actual recorder use that library.

update: The actual Audio Recorder @levon


what do you mean by actual recorder?


this is the library im currently testing in HTML and toolbox… If you scroll down to browser support it shows which are supported which does include iOS, android and desktop if it’s audio.


How’s going the testing?


video where I am so far testing

when it shows the playback you can hardly hear it because it’s in my headphones just saying


You are almost there, nice!


Im in a bit of a funny place here, on one hand I have spent a huge amount of time fabricating/researching/building the upload element and now that its ready im getting the same thing happen as before the market place arrived. I get asked not to publish my plugins by bubble and to wait for the store or in this case fix apparent flaws in bubbles design, and mean while bubble implement some changes and then others get to make it to market first when their elements technically have the same issue. There really is no way to stop an issue that exists currently in bubble, the details of witch for the good of the community and my relationship with bubble i wont publish, and that issue no matter how you govern your client side element will not be able to overcome it. So to answer your question yes, I can help but as many times as countless man hours have provided fixes in a 3 minute post this time I would like to be able to publish my work before giving everyone the scoop. To be honest though depending on how bubble deal with a certain set of truths I myself may have to go back to a previous version of my code using a different method. Lastly its not a case of smarts or a race, the current issues we have come across are both in the category’s of the server ability and in a particular case security, so i feel giving bubble the chance to sort it out before i or anyone else start to create how to’s for the community to potentially make the situation worse is the right thing to do.