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Audio Recorder Plugin


I’m trying to understand what you’re saying Jarrad. Do you mean that we shouldn’t be developing the audio recorder plugin ourselves, but waiting for Bubble to do it?

I spoke to the support team and they just said it’s not supported in the current plugin, and that I should ask a freelancer on the forum to build one. I found a freelancer and he should have the plugin ready by the end of December. I’m paying for that because I absolutely need it for my app right now, not when Bubble plan to update their core plugin.

I’m worried about what you mentioned about Bubble asking you not to release your plugin. I’m paying for mine, so I’d like to confirm very clearly with @emmanuel that I won’t be wasting my money for something that will be refused from the plugin store.


Maybe the file of the audio can be saved in s3 or any other https files server?


Ok, so firstly my response above was aimed at explaining why I am in this case not going to provide my methods, the first issue is that my uploader exceeds the 50mb limit and it means that I am not allowed to publish until i get the green light and im guessing a few conditions that the element will need to abide by… I have on many occasions taken what was many many hours of work and put it into a post so that people can achieve the same result in minutes and on this occasion with respect I would like to be able to see my work at least available or aloud to be available before I provide what is a very fast way out for other developers. My other point is that the very reason bubble has asked I dont publish yet is something that is still relevant to any of these upload/record type elements and there for they should be seen to carry the same risk instead im being told that not telling someone that it can exceed the limits is the reason that they are not being told to hold off in the same way. I dont know about you guys but dont tell them it can do that is not security, stability or good practice its just asking for trouble in my opinion and the fact that I know what i can do with them, means someone else could to, hence my comment leaning toward giving bubble a chance to put measures in place to remove the issues before it becomes alot worse than it needs to be. I am most defiantly not say wait for bubble to develop it though, not in the slightest, Im saying there are a few things that are out of a users control that should be seen to and sorted before sticking them on your apps.

My element saved to bubble, s3, box, drive, dropbox you name it, however what ive said above doesnt change unfortunately.


I’m confident this will be solved soon. If I understand well, when you expose any plugin, the source code is available for everyone to modify or copy? or if not, you can remove the bubble part to be simply an independent uploader?
Thank you Jarrad for the update.


I am positive it will be sorted soon also, the fact that a plugins code is exposed or can be modified really hold no bearing on the issues though. Im sorry that im being a bit cryptic but this is definitely not the place to be detailing my points. Its got nothing to do with the issues around any exposed auth methods either.

NEW Plugin: File Uploader > 50MB Looking for a few testers!

No worries jarrad. I think it looks like each of our plugins is a bit different in terms of complexity and functionality. Mine will stick to the 50mb file limit and have the bare minimum functionality (record and save to Bubble S3) so I don’t think I’ll add it as a paid plugin. I don’t feel like it’s a competition, we’re all contributing slightly different versions of the same thing.


like i said mate, its not about the race or who’s is better… exactly as you have described your plugin will be bares no change to my points.


Hey Everyone,
we have managed to implement the auto binding for the audio plugin and save to db through workflow action.
Anyone else wants to test?


Levon Terteryan
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Any news for iOS and Android audio recorder?


Sorry for the long pause guys, long Christmas break. I’ve got working code for a plugin and I’m going to upload it to test it with my app this weekend. I’ll let you know the results.


Would love to test this, if still possible.



its a messy hack …of HTML, JavaScript… A touch of PHP running on a separate server… Sprinkled with a fair guess of pixie dust. It’s not shareable due to the fact and relies on PHP scripts running on a separate server. It does work for ios 11+, android and web but it does not support iPad for some reason…anyway. Your best to msg @levon they are working on a professional plug-in or @richardosborne14 has something in the works


Our plugin is currently under review by Bubble team, and if all fine should be published some time next week
I’ll be posting about it here and in separate threads

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Audio recording in mono instead of stereo

@levon Just a short question: Will your Plugin have the option to record the user voice input in mono (1 channel) as requested for Speech-to-Text by Google’s & Amazon’s API?


Are you fiddling with Alexa and Google Assistant by chance?

I work for a company that built a platform for building voice apps. I’m using a Bubble app to send user-generated data ( to our platform’s API, which then generates the skill/action and pushes it for certification. Currently, we force the users to upload the correct format audio and we play it instead of using SSML, but it looks like you want to do the opposite?

Or I could be completely wrong :slight_smile:


yes, at the moment it will be only mono recording.

not sure i understood the question :slight_smile: but the plugin simply records user voice input and produces an audio file as an output :slight_smile:

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My plugin is in and working for iOS etc. There’s just one bug to work out and then I’ll publish it.

It’s very basic, and I mean VERY basic, so I’ll be putting it up as an open source plugin. There are only 2 actions: start recording and stop recording. The wav file is automatically uploaded as soon as stop is clicked, so there’s an event called ‘audioUploaded’ for the workflow to trigger a new thing being created with the resulting url in Bubble storage (no support for 3rd party storage). That’s where the bug is at the moment, as the audio recorder element doesn’t clear the url once a thing is created, so the audioUploaded doesn’t trigger when you repeat the recording process. Once that’s sorted it’ll be ready to go.

Of course I hope members of the open source community can help in the future to make it more user friendly and feature rich, but that’s what I was able to get with my budget. I’ll keep everyone posted on when it’s released.


@andrew_bpco: In case you meant my question to @levon - that’s right I’m trying to build a UX tool for voice apps, think of InVision for voice. Still in an early stage.
I like your approach at altarvoice and that you target a niche. We also use some sort of SSML for the output but it’s still a bit messy as Amazon is very restrictive with their Polly API.
If you would like to have a chat, just hit me with a private message.

@Levon: Great news, looking forward to test your plugin!


Hey guys, we just published our Auriod Recorder plugin:
here is the thread: Audio Recorder - New Plugin from Zeroqode

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Hi everyone. Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve been in testing with my app for a long while there. I’ve run into a problem with the audio recorder, I’m wondering if anyone else has had the same problem:

When I use either the Bubble created audio recorder or my own one (still to be released, when the bug is fixed), and I record something over a minute in length, the upload part never seems to end. The Bubble progress bar moves across to the end, then stops and the process never completes. It seems to me that the upload is very slow, as even a short recording takes an unusual amount of time to complete.

If you want to replicate the problem I’ve added a recorder group to my app’s homepage to test:

LearnBook Test Site

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so did you find a solution / workaround?

Thanks, Richard.