Audio Recorder Plugin


I tested on your site Richard, and for a 1:34 min recording, it took 7 sec to save on Bubble, than I download a 15meg file. It sound to work well for me.


Thanks for your help JohnMark. I’ve measured it from my end - I made a recording of 1:02, it took 2:10 to upload. I checked in the workflow debugger and my Safari web inspector, it’s really the uploading step that’s taking that long. In the end the upload completed successfully, and I could download a .wav file of 10.5 MB.

Could it be that the European servers are slow for uploading? My internet connection here is pretty good, I get good upload speeds normally: Ookla Speedtest


Have you tried in another browser, just for giggles?


In the end it seems to be a network problem on my end. I’ve tried it on my phone using the 4G network and it went much more quickly. Sorry to waste everyone’s time!