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Auto Scrolling to bottom of Repeating Group or Add to top of Repeating Group



I have a repeating group that users can dynamically add too.
But when x number of rows have been added the rest add to the bottom but the user cannot see them unless they scroll manually.

Is there a way to automatically scroll to the bottom when a button is clicked
Add the new row to the top of the repeating group?



The way i would do this is by sorting the list by creation date or by adding a columns the contains an integer that you can increase by +1 on each addition.


Yeah i’d do this that way. We don’t have an action to scroll down. If that’s necessary we could look into adding this, but not sure it’s the best UX.


Something nice would be to be able to scroll to an item inside a Repeating Group
go to… first item / last item / item with Thing’s Name = X…
For instance I would have used it for my Q&A section with all the questions listed at the top.


I second it… The user having to scroll down on receiving a new message basically kills any messaging app idea. Having new messages displayed on top isn’t really a natural UI

Would be terrific to just have the feature mentioned in the above message By Nicolas


thinking about it,
that would also allow better user experience like for websites using combinations like calendar & list or map & list.
When a map display several markers, or when a calendar show many events, clicking on one of them, go to the corresponding item in the RG with the details.
I’ve got these both situations in my app.


We’ll think about it :slight_smile:


@emmanuel do you think it worths a feature request ?


No it’s on my list to think about already.


Just added it :smile:


this is huge, thank you!


whaoo. Cool !
Thks @emmanuel !


Thank you…did what I needed for now


Any update on this? I’m trying to create a chat function and would love to be able to reverse load (so it appears similar to FB messenger, whatsapp, SMS, etc. ).


Use the “scroll to” workflow item