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Barcode Reader / Scanner


Alrigh then this is yours! Have fun


Way to go!! Please keep us informed


Any updates


Can’t wait!


Hold on there. I need the QR codes. So does everyone else. They’re just using the term barcode as a general term, but they really mean QR code. So let’s start with that. :wink:

But seriously, can’t wait either. Thanks for taking this on.


I need the standard barcode and qr


Hi Sean,

You say you have a working plugin based on it? What is it called?

Thanks so much!


Any update on this?


Any update on Barcode plugin since we have an application which requires capturing data and verify with data in the server

If anyone can contribute to making paid plugin I’m ready to buy one for my project


It is very easy to access the bar codes using the bar code scanner, and it is a very advanced technology to use, and it also make the process very first, but sometimes, there are some problems arises to handle the bar-code scanners, if it is not solved by itself, you may contact on Canon printer technical support to solve the solution


I believe I am very close to making this work in my app. I will post a solution when ready!


Hi guys, not so sure how to make a barcode reader/scanner. However, I was able to make a zebra barcode generator with HTML and js. No need for a plug in. See link below:

Hope it helps!


Hope for this Christmas :evergreen_tree: Santa barcode reader & scanner … i can’t pay a developer