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Best Practice for Form Submission to PDF


I have created a form submission for my healthcare client. Currently, User clicks submit and the information is emailed. What is best practice to have submission export as PDF and sent to an email?

See app here =

On a second note, my current app is having an issue with editing the email sent via the rich text editor. It says You have modified some dynamic data, the content is reverted to its original version.


A good approach is to have dynamic values where data is entered or modified on one page and the PDF generation from a plugin on a separate page. This should help with the message you are seeing. For the email part, you can save the url of the file to a thing or even use it as a ‘result of’ in a ‘send email’ step. There are plugins in the marketplace that simplify actions for sending emails with attachments.



A plugin like this one might help.


Thank You for suggestion. I have added to test app, but unclear on how to style the PDF.


I have installed selectpdf. How do I get it to convert my static data and then send it in email?

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