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🎥 Better Advanced Ziggeo Plugin released! 🤩


Hi Ryan,

Did you check the documentation and make sure your settings aren’t the cause that a player or recorder is not showing on the frontend anymore? It seems that your settings are causing this, because the plugin can’t just “stop working”. Please elaborate on the issue if you still need help, so we can provide effective support. For example, which element is not displaying, and where? Maybe you can provide access to a (temporary) app where we can see the issue? Thanks.


I’m having issues with Ziggeo on my native android app (superview wrapper). The camcorder action is not available when I click ‘record my video’ using the default Ziggeo plugin.

Ziggeo is looking into this for me but I was wondering if this was tested and proven working on this plugin?

I like the fact there is a new and improved plugin, I kind of dont like that it is an addition subscription on top of an already (in my eyes) expensive subscription for Ziggeo. (I’m not a heavy user at all)

update: Ziggeo confirmed this is not supported in the Bubble Ziggeo plugin.


Where is the documentation… i would love to see that actually :slight_smile:


Hi @vincent56,

This should work with our app, provided the native app grants access to the device’s native camera app. Please be invited to test this on your application with our plugin. As for all Bubble plugins you can unsubscribe whenever you like.
We are working on better mobile devices / native apps support, so please let us know your findings so we can improve our plugin. Thanks in advance.


@ryan8: Documentation can be accessed from the editor and can also be found here.


Couldnt wait for your reply to my DM so I subscribed and made some changes to my app. I removed the default Ziggeo plugin and replaced the input with yours.

Unfortunately, it results in a couple very generic errors:
anonymous@ line 96 > Function:3:271 I/d.initialize/</</</<@ T@ I/d.initialize/</</<@ [102]</</</Ve.run_without_catching_not_ready@ I/d.initialize/</<@ [81]</</o</e.prototype._run_if_not_destroying@ [102]</</</a</e.prototype.run_me@ t@

Any idea what is causing this? Old plugin still in cache somewhere or something?


Hi @vincent56,

Did you enter the correct Application Token in the plugin settings? Please make sure you have an application created in your Ziggeo account and you are using the Application Token for that application in the settings.
If this isn’t the problem, please duplicate your app and make the editor available for us for the duplicate so we can find the cause of this problem and fix it.


Yes I copied the token and removed the old plugin.

I’ll recreate it in my test app to see if the problems are the same. > dm’ed you because I cannot do this due to plan restrictions.


We replied to your DM. Let’s move the conversation there to keep this thread a bit clean, because other users are not experiencing this issue. Thanks.


OK, I got it to work finally. Not sure why now, maybe after clearing cache.

Unfortunately, I cannot record a video in the Android webview. It prompts ‘Image chooser’, I can then select ‘Capture image’ or ‘Documents’. Capture image takes me to a next chooser screen: ‘Complete action using’ with the option ‘Camera’.

Camera in this case is only picture, no video. :frowning:


This is probably not on our end, but @bane from Ziggeo might be able to explain this?


I contacted Ziggeo about this, but they referred to the fact that they did not create the default Ziggeo plugin.

But it is a problem with the webview wrapper. I still don’t know what the problem is exactly but for some reason recording video is a problem whereas uploading files or even taking pictures with the camera is not.


Dear users,

Please update the plugin to the latest version to make it compatible with WebRTC in V2 of Ziggeo (the latest stable version we’re using).

Bubblify Team


Hi, mobile autoplay and vertical fullscreen not working. Is there any trick to get that working properly? I’m trying to do something similar to Instagram Stories, where fullscreen vertical videos autoplay on your feed. Thanks!


Hi @igor1,

Please read about mobile autoplay limitations above in this thread; This is restricted by mobile devices’ OS mostly.

Vertical fullscreen doesn’t cause any known problems as far as we know and fullscreen play is enabled, but naturally depends on the orientation of the video you’re playing.

Please contact us on if you experience any other issues.

Bubblify Team


Hi @bubblify, thanks for the great plugin.

I’m just wondering if Ziggeo screen recording is planned for a future upgrade?


That is very important looking forward to see that


Thanks for using our plugin.

Ziggeo screen recording is only supported by Firefox, Chrome and Opera currently. It will cause various issues with other browsers and therefore we think its not wise to include it in the Ziggeo plugin until it’s broader supported by different browsers. If there’s enough cheer we can include this functionality in a separate screen recorder plugin for now, so please like this post if you are in need of such a plugin.

PS: We’re launching an update of the Advanced Ziggeo Plugin this month with new and improved functionalities.


Can I like it twice? :heart_eyes:


@bubblify Thank you for making this plugin. I have just purchased this.
I have two questions.

  1. Would there be a way to get the duration information after the video is uploaded, using this plug-in?
  2. Using the player, would it possible to start playing the video from a specific location? For example, playing a video from 1m00s.

Thank you!