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🎥 Better Advanced Ziggeo Plugin released! 🤩


@ariteru We will consider implementing these options. Any other users in need of these functions?


Hi @bubblify
Using your pluggin, is it possible when deleting a video from the app to also delete it on Ziggeo’s server side ?


That is possible @tdevasselot by setting the expiration (days) field: The video will be removed after the set number of days expired after shooting/saving the video with Ziggeo. There’s currently no specific action to delete a video using a workflow, but we might add this later.


Is it possible to set expiration field using a workflow action? I understand that it’s not doable as for now while your pluggin is able to trigger a delete action only when shooting or uploading a video. Is that correct?
The action to delete a video using a worklow is tremendously important for the use case I have in mind. Please let me know when this feature would be available. Is it a matter of day, month or year?


@tdevasselot You can set/store the expiration time (in days) as a state or database value and use that dynamic value in the recorder’s settings. Videos with a set expiration date will be automatically removed by Ziggeo after expiration without the need of any action or scheduled workflow in Bubble.


That’s what I have understood already but that doesn’t fit my use case.
Using that scheduled removing action at the recording time, how can I do to keep the videos I want to ? All the recording videos will be removed at the expiration date, and I only know those I want to keep after having them recorded.


As mentioned above, the videos that you don’t set an expiration time for will not automatically be removed by Ziggeo. So just leave the expiration value empty or set it to 0 (zero) for the videos you want to keep.



Just subscribed to Ziggeo (using trial) and the ziggeo plugin (paid plugin)…

Is there a walkthrough on how to setup… since I’m new I’m prepared to hear I’m missing some basic step.

I added the API token from Ziggeo in the plug in screen

I place a player on my page and added Video token from ziggeo directly to the video ID field (tried multiple times with videos ID’s I upload directly to ziggeo)

also added Recorder on the page (didn’t ask for any input so I added nothing)

So here is the question I have or why I think the plugin isn’t working… I assumed that the page header would have something added by the plugin to enable the player and recorder to function. but on “preview” the header is EMPTY…

Thanks in advance. I’m hoping I’m just missing something basic.

Also, I have uninstalled the original Ziggeo plugin since bubbles isn’t supporting it anymore and I understand that it would conflict with the Advanced Ziggeo Plugin…


Hi @Julian_Carrera,

The plugin is working properly when it’s configured right, so there must be something wrong with your configuration. Please check the online documentation to correctly setup the plugin. If you still experience problems after that, please send us an email to ask for support: Thanks and good luck!


Hi, @bubblify

I’d like to know what those configurations are. Please provide me a configuration setup document or something I can start with. The Document you linked me too offer no information to be of help. What do I need to configure that I did not cover in my screenshots???


Hi @Julian_Carrera,

On page 2 of the documentation it’s described how to setup the plugin under the Installation heading. That’s all you have to configure to start using it. Which token did you use? As you can see it’s the application token from Ziggeo you need to enter in the plugin settings in Bubble. Might it be possible you entered the wrong token? Otherwise please send us an email for support instead of sharing all your messages here on the forum with everyone. Thanks.

BeCodeFree Team


I’d be happy to write privately, but I was hoping to provide the community additional reference about your plugin since there isn’t much information available to help troubleshoot. Please don’t take my public posting in a negative way.

I’ll post after with information on how I probably made a simple “missed this” and now it works comment to close out my issue.


Hi @Julian_Carrera,

Please make sure you entered the application token in Bubble’s API key field, as described in our documentation. That will probably solve this.

Best regards,
BeCodeFree Team


Hi all… Great New’s!!!

It works… As suspected… Newbie Error…

I assumed the auth tokens was the application token. to find the application token you just need to look under the application overview section in ziggeo. Wasn’t very intuitive but it was easy to find.

Thanks Bubblify for your help.



Has anyone encountered issues with the plugin elements failing to display? I’ve followed the instructions but when I place elements on the canvas nothing appears. I’ve been using the Bubble Ziggeo plugin for over a year, so I’m pretty familiar with Ziggeo, API tokens etc. Are there steps I’m somehow missing? I’ve left 3 messages for @bubblify 10, 9, and 7 days ago without a response. I understand they don’t want people posting to this thread, but since I’m not hearing back through their recommended channels I have no other choice. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!



Once again we ask you not to post your issues with the plugin here, but send us an email for support on so we can help you solve them. Also please don’t write a negative review of the plugin and rate it 1 star if you don’t get response here, but use the email support channel to let us solve your issues. Thanks.
The plugin works absolutely fine and we got a lot of happy users. Please make sure to read the installation part of the documentation properly and follow the instructions, that way it almost can’t fail.
We asked several times, please use email for support from now on and this thread here on the forum for feature suggestions and other things that positively influence further development of this plugin.

Thanks, BeCodeFree team.


Dear plugin users,

There’s a new version (2.0.0) of the plugin available very soon that supports Ziggeo’s v2-r32 API and also has in-element documentation added to it. Please update and ask for support on if you experience any problems (rather than giving a bad plugin review/rating before contacting us :slight_smile: ).

Thanks for using our plugin!

BeCodeFree Team


Hello @bubblify

Is there any option to add playing speed options to the player ?

Thanks !


Hi @pavel ,

Thanks for your message. This is a new function in Ziggeo as far as we know and we will try to implement it in our plugin soon.

BeCodeFree Team


Hi @pavel and other users of our plugin!

We just launched an update of the plugin (version 2.2.0) which uses the last Ziggeo API version (V2-r33) and also includes this option to enable/disable the settings (like player speeds, which is the only Ziggeo setting for now) in the player elements.

Please consider giving the plugin a good review and rating, which would be much appreciated.

BeCodeFree Team