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💵 Big SALE on Zeroqode Plugins - UP TO 70% OFF - Extended Until 30-th of September


Hey Bubblers,
excited to announce that we just started a big sale on most of our plugins (with a few exceptions).
Enjoy up to 70% discount on one-time prices only until 21-st of September

EDIT: We have extended this sale till 30-th of September

To browse through all our plugins please visit this page

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode

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This is better than Amazon Prime Day!!

How do I tell which ones are on sale? When I click on the link, I’m only seeing the original price, not able to identify which ones are on sale.


thanks, our normal monthly price to one time price multiplier is 10 (for example 5 per month or 50 one time), so if it’s less then it’s on sale :slight_smile:
we didn’t reduce the monthly prices, only one time ones, so it’s easy to tell


ok, gotcha. Buying some plugins now


enjoy your shopping :slight_smile:


we made it more obvious on our page which plugins are on sale and how much is off :slight_smile:


This is fantastic! Can you sort them so we see all the sale items at the top?

Also, im looking for a good onboarding plugin but the Demos don’t seem to work.


Which one is the best onboarding plugin currently?


no need to sort them, because most of them are on sale (except like a dozen of plugins) as for onboarding plugins we have 2
this one
and this
which demo doesn’t work?


I cant get either demo to work. I just want to see it in action before I buy it.


i’ve just checked and both worked fine for me. What’s not working for you exactly? are you checking on mobile or desktop, please give more details and screenshots


Maybe because I am at work on Internet Explorer? When I get home I will try to do a video and show you what it looks like for me. Then you can tell me if its working properly.


yeah, there might be issues with IE, please check on chrome first and if you still have issues with IE at home please send some screenshots and we’ll investigate


ok, will do. Thanks! :slight_smile: Im looking forward to getting onboarding to work with my app!


Jason, did you check from home?


even more plugins went on sale, check them out at :slight_smile:


Ya, it works now that i am home, sorry, i was super busy the last few days. Makes a big difference. I guess it doesn’t work on I.E. Someone else just came out with a free onboarding plugin so i am going to try that out first. I am still looking at all the other plugins though. Really great sale! :slight_smile:


Hey Jason, did you try the free plugin? Did it meet your requirements?


Ya, I think its pretty good. :slight_smile: Thanks for checking.

After working with it more it has been awesome really. Looks amazing and I think this will bring a lot more people to my site.


I just checked both of these demos on my iPhone to be sure and the “walkthrough-onboarding tour” demo doesn’t work at all.

The “step-by-step” one works on the iPhone but it seems very glitchy and can’t really get a good idea of it works well or not.

If the demo doesn’t really work on the iPhone then I’m assuming it won’t work when I put it together too.

I don’t really want to spend money on something that I can’t see if it will work properly.

The hopscotch one that I downloaded for free has worked beautifully but just missing one feature of being able to click something else to make it progress to the next step. It still works awesome though and I’m continuing to use it because it’s the best one so far. It even looks beautiful aesthetically.