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Bubble Completely Unresponsive on google chrome


This used to happen to me a while ago but stopped and is now happening again.

Bubble doesn’t work at all for me on Chrome. I can load my app but then I can’t even press a button or anything else on the page. I can close the tab, open a new one and do anything not bubble related.

Edit: I think it’s just responding extremely slowly. I was able to just open the plugin tab but then once i went back to the editor it died.

Edit 2: Now it’s working fine. Hmm im confused. Could it just be my computer working slow? I have
CPU: i5 8400
GPU: MSI 1070ti Gaming X
Memory: 8GB


Bubble works fine on chrome


Hey Lockym,

Bubble works fine for me on Chrome. I bubble 15 hours a day with no problems.

Are you a programmer?

Bubble is AWESOME, and NOT perfect. Anywho, the tough part is wondering about whether you’re bangin you noggin against a bubble bug or a hole in your logic. It’s usually the user’s problem, but can TOTALLY be a glitch in the Bubblesphere.

If you have any more problems, drop me a line and I’ll check yer code! (pun intended)




This happens to me once in a while. Usually after a few days it clears up on its own. It is a big mystery and I normally get the same response on the forum and from bubble. Makes me think I’m going crazy.

Try adding this to the url at the end when you are editing.


It turns off the error checking while you are working. A temporary fix. I really hope Bubble can fix this in the future because it’s really annoying. I feel your pain. This usually happens to me on my larger more complex apps.


yeah its weird, working fine for me now. Happens to me a lot though hmm.


It’s weird, working fine now. There wasn’t a lot in it. I was just testing some designs so I had pages and backgrounds changing image. Nothing too intensive.


Yeah it’s happened to me three times now. Weird.


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