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Bubble Developer Kit


@gaurav stick to your guns on the subscription pricing. question…the kit… if we subscribe and use only half of the plugins are we loading the libraries for the rest… if that make sense


@Bubbleboy Nope it will only load the libraries for the plugins you install. I try to make the plugins especially performant so that it doesnt slow down your app (I used them for my own startup idea so I totally get where you’re coming from)


So it’s not really our business here, contributors choose the pricing scheme they want, but we’ve seen some plugins being used/sold more with a one-time fee.


Yes but I think that could possibly be because the current price at which bubble plugins are sold monthly is very high. Users have complained about plugin monthly pricing in multiple other threads on forum.

My belief is that the plugins today are super expensive. My target is to never have a bubble developer pay more than $10/month for all the plugins combined in their app. I’ve been on the other side of not being able to afford plugins. Hence I learnt how to build them. And now I hope to make sure plugins are cheap so accessible to everyone.


Would love to see bundles at some point.

Nice work on those plugins.


You’re really going to shake up the plugin market. Good on you. :smiley:
And I agree with you. Some of the current plugin prices a way over the top.

But I can understand the reason behind the prices for some too.
My air date/time picker plugin (which is free btw) has over 500 lines of code and i’ve spent more than 100 hours on it.
I have some plugins too that are just about 20 lines of code and i’ve spent just like 3hrs on them.

Btw I already published a version of your Better Date picker on the plugin store for free more than a year ago.
(it was initially paid but made it free in a few days after i published it).


Thanks @seanhoots!
While I didn’t end up spending that much time/code on that one, I do get your point. I am pricing every plugin the same regardless of complexity so that I don’t have to spend time thinking of this pricing stuff. I’ve had quite a few since last year but never sold them until now. The ones I am really proud of are pure proprietary code (no external libraries). The next set of inventory should be coming in the near future :slight_smile:

I wish I could make it free but I do need to justify spending time as I’m bootstrapping my own idea. Maybe someday I’ll be able to make all of it free :smiley:


Wow! These are such useful plugins!! Thank you for making them available to the community, @gaurav! :smiley:


Thank you @fayewatson! If you do use any of these in an app, I’d love to add the clipping to ‘See it in action’ section of documentation :smiley:


Would be glad to!! Will do that for sure! :smiley:


These are fantastic, @gaurav!! Nice work :smile:


Great collection - congrats


@gaurav UX is my main focus and these are pretty much a game changer for me. I think I’m going to purchase the lot!

That slideable menu is a thing of beauty :raised_hands:


Thank you @gregjohnkeegan @romanmg @luke2. Glad you liked them :smiley:

@gregjohnkeegan yep i use it virtually across all my apps. Kinda brings back ‘bubbling’ to slideable menu by putting the power back in hands of developer. Do check out better floater too. You can get really creative with UX there (especially headers and landing pages). :blush:


Yes it is!


So is this Kit available for a 1 monthly/annual price? Or is it per plugin?


It’s $4 per plugin per month. Bubble doesn’t support selling bundles of plugins.


New Plugin added to the kit!


Another New Plugin added to the kit!


New Plugin added to the kit!