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Bubble Developer Kit

New Plugin added to the kit. Thanks to the awesome bubblers who placed the request to build this one :smile:

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Plugin update for the bdk Phone number input plugin :

  1. Phone number inputs now work within reusables
  2. You can now place any number of phone number inputs across the page, popups, reusables (earlier versions didn’t support this fully).

Simply upgrade in your plugins tab and enjoy!


Oh, dude. This is great. I was just dealing with a new feature last night where this would have come in handy. This will allow me to make that particular interface better.

(Also, this enables me to go and build a proper reusable for what I call “advanced phone number” inputs for use across my app. Thanks!)


Hi @gaurav,

I don’t think there’s a thread dedicated to the Better Floater, so I’m asking here: is there a way to use that plugin to prevent everything that is underneath a popup to scroll when a popup is visible (and scrolled)?

I’ve tried to setup the plugin actions for this purpose but without success.


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New Plugin added to the kit :smiley:

Also experimenting with one-time pricing in addition to the usual monthly pricing on this one!


Thank you so much!
It looks awesome!
Do you maybe know any plugins or do you have any ideas how to implement video chat in bubble?
I dont have a big budget so the cheaper the better

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Media plugins on the roadmap but haven’t specifically looked at Video chat. Will look into it too.

Thanks for the feedback!


@gaurav I’m having some trouble with the tooltips plugin. If the user has scrolled down the page further than what is initially visible the tooltips show up at the top. I’ve attached a video to demonstrate.

I’d love some help with this please as this is the perfect plugin for tooltips.

Cheers and happy new year.

[Demo Update] bdk Slideable Menu plugin

Check out the updated the demo page for bdk Slideable Menu plugin
Also, you can now simply copy paste the beautifully formatted demo menu into your own app (and use the saved time for better things :slight_smile:)


Desktop view

Mobile view


[Plugin update] Bdk Datepicker - January 17, 2019

  1. Added Slovak language support
  2. Bugfix (earlier the element would work only if on main page; this is fixed)
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thanks Gaurav!!

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@gaurav - I purchased the input labels plugin. I tested it a few times but doesnt seem to work for me (I used the input ID as well - but facing issues). Is there some bug in the plugin?

Hi @gaurav,

This is wonderful! Now I’ve just subscribed to the BDK Floater and was wondering if you can make float to a specific element and if so how? The documentation isn’t clear enough unfortunately.

Kind regards

BDK has grown beyond plugins :smile: Check it out


Sweet, now I just have to finish my app. :slight_smile:

Does the app have to be responsively configured?

If the app was built more geared towards a desktop layout what would need to be changed in order to create a native app?

@gaurav Im testing your bdk kit, one plugin at a time, i started with slidable menu and its not working, i have sent you a private message with my editor.

Sorry for the late repsonse. I missed your message

Yeah I think it should be responsively configured else how will you deal with the different screen sizes of iphones, ipads, android phones and android tablets. It would still work otherwise but I’m pretty sure apple will reject the app citing quality of experience or something like that.

Thanks. I checked and there is an issue with your setup. Sent you the DM

Yes you was right my mistake, thank you.

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Hey! I’m just about the launch my app but I’m having some difficulties with slidable menu on iphone. I have touch “no” but it is still enabled.


regarding the Phone number input:

I’m using Firefox and having the following issue:

This screen is from your demo app. It only appears when used in a popup.

Can you provide a fix for this?