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Bubble in SF / Silicon Valley


Very much in the planning stages. But likely in the next few weeks.



excellent, should i just keep tabs on this thread?



Yep, I’ll post updates here.



I’m in SF. New to Bubble so I dk that I could contribute much but would be interested in meeting up.



I’m not SF-based but I’ll be passing by second-half of October. Any chance that will coincide with the next meetup? :slight_smile:



Really excited to see the response! Thanks everyone.

@kenneth_r_schmidt and I are going to be at the Philz on Embarcadero from 5:30-7:00pm this Thursday (away from Dreamforce, but close to BART and MUNI).

If you can make it, please comment. Looking forward to chatting Bubble and networking. (Heck, bring a laptop and we can work on bugs).

As well, we will host a larger meet up the week of October 15th in a larger venue. (More details to come).

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Hi @dan1 and @kenneth_r_schmidt I’ll see you there!!

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I can’t make it this week, but interested in trying for the week of the 15th.

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I’m going to try and make it… would be cool to say hello.



@kcronin99 and @keith, look forward to meeting you then. @laurence, look forward to seeing you at the October get together!



Just a reminder that we’ll be getting together at the Philz at Embarcadero from 5:30-7:00pm today (Thursday) (away from Dreamforce, but close to BART and MUNI).

This will be a bit more informal, but helping us towards getting a larger meetup together in a few weeks time.

cc: @kcronin99, @michael2, @kenneth_r_schmidt, @igor, @ben7, @garrett.mccurrach, @joann.kuo, @andrewngilbert, @tehoffmann2, @edd, @brentsum, @vlad, @stephanie, @andersan, @ahaller, @alex4, @david2, @gaurav, @keith

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I’m gonna try. I may need to be headed to the airport though to pick up my lovely wife!

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Thanks for the invite! Wish I could join but I’ve actually moved to India recently :smiley:

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looking foward to the october 15th event!

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To anyone who might be dropping by Philz this afternoon, I am already in the area. So just say hi whenever u arrive. I’m super grubby today as was moving stuff around. So I’m kinda sorta easy to spot.



And now there were three. We’re outside for now, may head inside if it gets too cold



Great meeting everyone tonight. Looking forward to the next meet up. I’d like to see this group emerge as a local users group, so people can help or learn from each other. At my work, we do demo days once a week to share our work… it’s a fun casual environment, with a light structured format. Thoughts? All ideas welcomed.



This was a really cool thing to do. Even though this was a very informal meetup, it was fun to meet three other real-life Bubblers and hear a bit about what people have been working on.

The common thing everyone asked was, “How did you find Bubble, anyway?” Which was amusing.

Very much enjoyed meeting @dan1 (thanks for making it happen), @kenneth_r_schmidt, and @kcronin99 – thanks for coming out! I’d definitely encourage other Bubblers to do the same.

Hopefully, we’ll do more of these in the future (both casual and in more structured environments where people could present topics/info/recent work)!



Count me in for Oct get-together! I’m SF/Mountain View.

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Hi everyone!

Count me too! I’m in Oakland and so looking forward to meeting you all.


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