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Bubble Meetup in London


Central London Bubble meetup for 18th April.

If anyone would like to join me, that would be great :slight_smile: And if anyone would also like to present a 10 minute section on an aspect of Bubble, please let me know.

Also, if you have any suggestions for what you might like me to talk about (briefly) then that would be good too.


I’m in also RSVP,d


Doubled the attendance :slight_smile:


I can’t have you a solo mission Nigel. I attended one last year, very useful. I will bring biscuits


Wish I could join! But in HK that week.


I’m in :slight_smile:


Me too - see you there!


Nigel, I’d love to be there but will be away that week. It says on the Meetup that it will be every third Wednesday of the month. Is there truth in that rumour?


Yes, that is my current plan.


Fabulous. I look forward to see you all soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


If anyone has thoughts as to what they would like to cover / talk about then please add below.

General Introductions and Chat
Showcases ?
“Lean Coffee” style round table discussions ?
Presentations on Bubble technical stuff ?


oh that is a great idea. I’ll definitely join! I’d love to see some presentations on creative problem solving. I have seen you commenting on a lot of things that in the end showed me how to solve problems in different ways (like advanced filtering for example). Or maybe something on performance? Like “how do i build a frontend that is delivering the best possible user experience in terms of loading speed”. Or “how do i build standard features” like a comment or chat function in the best possible way". Would love to see some best practice on recurring issues that you see popping up in the forum! Looking forward to meeting you!


Just a reminder that we are meeting TOMORROW !

The Terrace Room, The Jesus Centre, 83 Margaret St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8TB

6pm - 8pm


Thank you to @Bubbleboy @edwardbutcher @warren.hobden and @Vincent_London as well as Ashley and Kamila for forsaking the wonderful evening sunshine for some very inspiring Bubble chat.

Hope to see you, and maybe some others, on the 16th May.


you too @NigelG …thanks for hosting…and pulling togther


Great job @NigelG - looking forward to the next!


Thanks @NigelG. It was excellent speaking with so many Bubblers in the flesh :slight_smile:


Hey hey hey, doesn’t time fly in the city of smog and pearly kings and queens.


The Terrace Room, The Jesus Centre, 83 Margaret St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8TB

6pm - 8pm



Unfortunately I’m still travelling, I will hopefully be there for the next one! :slight_smile:
You guys have fun!


Thanks to Dapo, Sanjay, Charles and Julian for an entertaining evening.

Collaborative bubbling on the big screen, helping Dapo and Julian (and Charles) with their apps.

Hope we helped you make progress.

Would anyone be interested in an additional meet for this purpose ? So working on your app as a group ?