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Bubble Meetup in London


I really wish I was living in London! You would not believe what I would give to have a couple of hours with you guys looking at my app.


Good idea to have these meet-ups, has anyone done any in other areas? Because I’m in Hampshire, not so far away but curious none the less!


Hey @NigelG - great idea. I’m in and out of London quite a bit these days, but would love to join for the next one if I’m around. Thanks for taking the initiative to organize!


I am abroad at the moment, but will move to Cornwall in August… so I’d be up for some South West gatherings in the autumn @pork1977gm:slight_smile:

And I plan to be at the 20th June London meeting. @NigelG, will it definitely go ahead? I need to plan some travel and a London airbnb to be there…


@timgarrett111… where do you live?


Yes, it will go ahead.


I was born in the UK in a really backwards town called Yeovil, But I’m now living in HK.

And there is not a bubbleler insight.:joy::joy:


Sorry to hear of you living in an isolated bubble, @timgarrett111… I look forward to the chance to meet up when you are back in the UK some time!

That is great, @NigelG, looking forward to meet up in June. Do you expect it to be at a similar time, 6-8pm? :slight_smile:


Hi @antony - yes same time 6-8. Currently checking out another venue but will be the same time.


Yes! That would be great! Hopefully I’ll be back in the next 6 months.


Great, @NigelG, I’ll get it all booked up. Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


Hi guys me and Grégory will be available in July . Grégory will come from Switzerland so if is possible for you please plan a meetup ahead.



Hi there,

I am flying in from Sri Lanka that day, so will hand over to someone for the evening to run it.



@NigelG, are you flying in from Sri Lanka on “that day” in June, or July?


18th July. I am around for June and am only coming in from Dorking, so the likelihood of jet lag and delays are reduced.

Actually ,this is Southern so anything could happen :slight_smile:


Hey @NigelG what about the end of July? If we can plan in advance we will certainly be there


Hi there,

We can squeeze in another I am sure. Let me know a date, wednesdays are good !



Just a reminder that we are meeting on Wednesday this week to discuss all things Bubble.


Ah, Nigel I’m not going to be able to make this one again. I loved the first session so much, I’m really sorry I can’t get there.



Hi @NigelG
Great, I’m in London specifically to be there.
Where will we meet?
Will it be The Terrace Room 6-8pm or somewhere else…?
Looking forward to it! :slight_smile: