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Bubble Meetup in London


The Terrace Room, The Jesus Centre, 83 Margaret St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8TB


…is where we will be.

if you go round the corner from the main entrance into Marylebone passage, then there is a side door, that takes you just opposite the Terrace Room.


Sorry to have missed this - please can we arrange another one with more notice? Thanks everyone.


They are on the same day every month, so you have had at least three months notice :slight_smile:

July 18th
August 15th
September 19th
October 17th


Note the change of venue, WeWork are doing a “free” thing with Meetup, so we have a room in WeWork Waterhouse Square (Room 1G).

I will be on a beach, so Sanjay Vig has kindly offered to run the evening. Will miss you guys :slight_smile:


Is the venue change permanent?


No, it was a “free” offer from WeWork, so hard to refuse.

Currently looking at options for August.


Hello all,

Looking forward to catching up after my holiday last month.

We are back in the Jesus Centre, as I have failed in my option search :slight_smile:

Hope to see you there next Wednesday.


Hello all,

are we looking forward to join the meet up in Wednesday, September 19th.

Is it all confirmed? 6-8 pm Jesus Centre?

Let us know

See you forward


@NigelG will you be here?


I am planning to be there



This month’s is cancelled I am afraid.

If somone else would like to take it on, then please to shout.


@NigelG what a pity, so you’re not gonna be there anymore if we get the september’s meetup alive again ?

Who is gonna be here apart Simon , me and Gregory (my colleague) ?


I am happy to meet up with Bubble users, but Meetup (at least in London, anyway, or maybe the way I used it) is all a bit random. Last month I spent two hours doing a “product demo” to 4 people from the same design agency.

Will think of a better way to do this for next time that keeps us focused on Bubble.


Hi all

I’ve recently started building on bubble, and I’m hooked!

I’m the founder of a fintech company based in Founders Factory. We’re building our MVP on, after struggling with finding developers. I’d love to host some other Bubble users for a meetup before Christmas.

Is anyone else interested?