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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode

I bought the plugin last week. It actually works really well, but unfortunately I had to find out that the result is not a real PDF. In the plugin “SelectPDF” you can mark the text inside the PDF, but not with this one. It seems as if you generate a photo first and then convert it into a PDF. Or did I do something wrong?

That’s correct, we print the pdf as an image, the downside is that you cannot select text inside that pdf but the upsides are fast processing, no need to send API calls to SelectPDF, competitive price.

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Hi there,

Is there a way to adjust the DPI output of the PDF?

Right now the quality seems to be fixed at ~100dpi on my browser. I’m using this to print shipping labels from GIFs. Im setting up an approximately 4x6 printing area and I would like the resolution to be as high as possible. The GIFs at full resolution are 800x1200 which translates into about 8"x12" PDF. I would like a PDF with the printable area of about 1/2 that.

I’m not sure how rotate works, but it seems to just make all my pages blank any time I give it a value. I’ve tweaked and tweaked to get anything to display on the output pages when using rotate, but it doesn’t work for me.


Hello @jon2 .

Have you check the new improvement we made a few updates back? It is the “High Quality” checkbox for the plugin. It improves the quality of the output file. When enabled the quality will be higher, but the rendering time will be a bit slower.

Also regarding the rotation feature, it rotates the document if needed setting the clockwise direction in degrees but with a modifiable percentage value from initial position.
It can be set with an initial value box or submit a new value to it w/o initial content to change the rotation.

Due to % value, it may be the case to experiment with number cause you’ll get something like a blank page. Also you’ll need to change values of output width, height so it can fit the rotated image.

Here a few results with test page with rotation:

or it could go sideways :frowning: :

Also you could check the documentation:

and test it out on our Demo page:

Zeroqode Team.

@levon Now that your RTE plugin is working for me in the context of my Repeating Group, I have moved on to wanting to print a report of my data. Like @patricia, I need each page of document to say Page X of Y (this is legal contract describing the work that my company will perform for a client). I read through your conversation with Patricia and see that in Post 159 of this thread (August 2018), you directed her to a demo of your plugin. Has that demo changed in the seven months since you had that conversation? Clicking on that button seems to only produce a blank PDF/blank page. Thank you.

@accounting - I’m not working with in recent months but hope to get back to it soon. However, I did notice a thread from last November that might be worth investigating. I’ve not looked at it so can’t say how well it works. PDF Conjurer (new free plugin)

hmm. you are right, checking it…

Hey Bubblelys- @levon

This is one of my favorite plugins in the bubble world.

When i try to use this with an HTML element the element does not does not show up in the PDF? is there any fix to this? Im sorry if it already been talked about but this thread is MASSIVE and i do not have time ATM to read over every one.

Thanks All

Hello, everyone.

Thanks for reporting. We have updated the demo page - ; please check the config setup for plugin now it’ll generate a pdf file when clicking the pdf button with headers, footers and RGs.

Also there is a convert html element button which convert single html element into pdf for testing.

ZQ Team.

Oh, I see now that you have a large RG that is the height/width of a single page and a Child RG pulling 10 items at a time. Thats neat, but I’m not sure it will work for me. Each cell of my RG is going to be variable height depending on the length of text typed into the RTE. My employees could literally write “Company will provide services to client” or they could write “Company will provided X, Y, and Z specific services with A, B, and C itemized details” and each client could two or 100 different RTEs with various amounts of text in each of those boxes. Do you have a suggestion for how I can make Page X of Y, or even just Page X, work in that scenario?

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@accounting Hello.

Have checked on our side, seems like in that setup as you described will not work with different sized RGs on page. Maybe arrange elements on page in same size to match the exportable size of the pdf by customizing the page This may create limitation I think.
Sorry for not able to help much here.

Zeroqode Team.

hey Tim, everything recorded after 1:00 is invisible, you probably switched tabs, but set loom to record only Chrome, so the issue is not clear right now :slight_smile:

Im such an idiot! It feels like that moment when I can not track down a bug and then after an hour notice i did not publish to live! :joy:

Hang on ill re-record!


Here you go Sorry about that!

Thanks a lot for the video and for the kinds words Tim :slight_smile:
before i ask the devs to look at it, are you sure you tried all the little tricks and settings that we have in this demo?

WOW! this opens up a few doors i think? Iv never seen this DEMO before so let me have a play. How you have set this up I would never of thought of doing it like that. Let me try and apply it to my application.

Great support!

Cheers Levon.

Thanks Tim, I"ll update the plugin description to include both demos. This one wasn’t very obvious i believe. Thanks!

Hi @levon

I am using this plugin since long time.

I am facing a serious issue which is, I am trying to convert a bubble page to pdf which will have around 15 pages.

When I try to convert and download, it takes huge time (approx. 5-6 mins) which results to my clients a very painful User Experience because each time user tries to download a pdf they have to wait for 6 mins.

It would be great if this conversion process performs faster,

Is this long time, because of converting the text to image and then to PDF?

Is there any tip or workaround to perform this conversion faster?

Can you please help me out with this lagging somehow.


Why don’t you use an external API to facilitate what you want.

Hi @Codeables

Ok. So, do mean connecting to some PDF API using API connector and perform actions.

But I also use page breakers so that my dynamic content inside the pdf breaks at correct point and starts in new page.