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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Thank you! Looking forward to the fix. It is not super important but would be nice when fixed. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi @levon,

Same as @J805 I have some issues with the quality.

My reason behind this is that I want to automate the completion of government documents for my customers. To do this, I upload the form as an image and use text fields to fill it in. The customer should then be able to download this form as a PDF file. When the document is printed, the quality is somewhat borderline.

Therefore, I would be super grateful for any kind of improvement in terms of quality. Otherwise, your plugin is amazing, really appreciate it as a substitute for selectPDF.


the issue with the icons on safari has been fixed, please install the latest plugin version and retry. Thanks!


we’ll investigate this again and update here if we find any solution to this


Yay! Thank you! This will be nice.


I guess I spoke too soon. The icons still don’t appear in the PDF. :confused:


Jason, sometimes changes to the plugin don’t get initialized correctly. Could you delete the element from the page and put it back? Or if it’d break the functionality, can you simply move it by a pixel and then bring it back (not by undo but by changing the position) ?


Sure, let me try that. I will let you know. Thanks @levon, you’re the best!


Yes, it worked now! Thanks! :slight_smile: So nice!


a gif to demo the plugin’s features


Hi @levon,

I have subscribed for this plugin yesterday and was struggling to get a PDF as needed.

Actually I have a list of questions in a table with round numbers and I want the users to take print of those.

Based on selection number of rounds, the questions get generated. So, I have used 2 repeating groups (a repeating group within repeating group).

But I am facing page break issue since I am able to place the “Page Breaker” element between the rounds. But unable to stop the page breaking for questions inside the round.
please have a look at below screenshot. That’s from the pdf.

Could you please address this issue and help me out ?



did you check our demo pages where we have different different page configurations including with page breaks?


Yes I checked them and followed the same but nothing helped me and unable to figure out how to avoid that page breaking


Im a massive Zero Code fan and Bubble page to PDF in my opinion is the best plugin and certainly the best $7 I spend every single month in bubble!

But @Prashant problem is the same problem IV had since this plugin came on the market and now I have recently had a few customers on my app starting to complain about the page run over Image cutting the Text.

I’m not sure if this can be solved due to it being a image? But a good start would be to control a margin at the bottom. This would help immensely especially in my current situation.

Do you think this is possible?

Thanks Levon!

Cheers Y’all.


@Prashant , @timgarrett111 we will try to check this out, but can’t promise a fast turnaround


Hi @levon,

Just noticed an issue. I can’t see the images getting printed when I try to take a print out.

I am using a rich text editor so that I can use uploading one or two images and place some heading in it. And then if I try to take a print out I can’t see the images.

I can’t use image element since the content in Rich Text Editor has text and images.

Can you please address this issue ?

Here are the screenshots
This is the actual screen

And this is what I get when I try to print



we’ll check this


sorry for the delay, can you give us access to your app? please add to your app and inform us if there is any login and password for preview


@levon Thank you for promptly looking into this. We replicated the issues in a demo page and PMd you all the details.


As for the issue with the image, we can’t convert the image in the RTE that you are using because it is based on iframe technology and we can’t reach that image. We suggest you to try using other RTE plugins. There are some free ones and we also have a paid one, here is the link