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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode


I confirm rolling back to 1.14 V eliminates blanks


@Prashant, @J805
as for the blank pages and workflow errors, I suggest upgrading to the latest version, trying to move the plugin element 1 px and then back on the page, it should reinitiate the code, if the problem persists then we’d need access to your apps to check this out, please add as a collaborator and send all the instructions how to reproduce the issue.

we are adding support for floating groups, I will update soon


Thanks. I will try it out and keep you posted.


Thanks very much.
I look forward to hearing about the update.


@ajsmith2011 Hey Adam, we have enabled support for floating groups as an option, please upgrade to the latest version and retry.


I still cannot get it to work on the newest versions for some reason, still not downloading a PDF. I will add the collaborator when I get a chance. Thanks.


Thanks so much. I’ll give it a try!



Not sure if I’m missing something but I’m having the same issue still.
I have upgraded to 1.17.0.
I can’t see any new options related to floating groups.
The pdf still has the blank space at the top.



hey Adam,
did you refresh the browser after upgrade?
do you see these options?



Thanks for your quick response… version 1.18.0 wasn’t showing for me previously.
I’ve only had a very quick look but it seems to have done the trick! No more white space at the top of the page.

Thanks so much.


Ok, i added them as a collaborator now. Please take a look at why this doesn’t work as well as why i can’t get rid of the empty pages anymore. Thank you. Where do you want me to send the instructions on how to reproduce the issue?


@J805 Jason, please send to the same address that you added as a collab with a copy to


Ok. Thank you. I will do that soon.


Hi levon,

Thank you so much for the quick fix regarding floating groups.

I have a question regarding image quality:

I have an element (‘pdf frame’) that holds the content to be loaded into the pdf. I have made this element small (500px by 707px) on purpose so that I have the screen space available to show toolbars on either side of the page. The original images that I load into this pdf element are of a high enough quality for printing. However, when the pdf is generated the image quality is low. Having read previous posts I understand that there may not be a fix possible for this as it is the nature of how the images are converted.

Is there any fix possible for this so that I can continue with a small ‘pdf frame’?
or if not…
What minimum size should my ‘pdf frame’ be in order to achieve good print quality at A4?



Ok. I sent the email. Hope to get help soon.


Hi Adam,
we have recently added 2 quality options (high and low) for the pdf output. Did you try the “high” one?
if it’s still not as good as you’d like it to be, i’m afraid there isn’t a quick solution to this at the moment.



We have again followed all the instructions of the new version and our text wont break but just goes over the page. As in the image the pointed grey line is next page and it shoiuld have breaked a few pixels above it. Could you please ask you team to havea a quick look to rule out any mistake on our end please ? I am PMing you our details.

Thanks for all the great Plugins, let them keep coming !


I bought the plugin last week. It actually works really well, but unfortunately I had to find out that the result is not a real PDF. In the plugin “SelectPDF” you can mark the text inside the PDF, but not with this one. It seems as if you generate a photo first and then convert it into a PDF. Or did I do something wrong?


That’s correct, we print the pdf as an image, the downside is that you cannot select text inside that pdf but the upsides are fast processing, no need to send API calls to SelectPDF, competitive price.


Hi there,

Is there a way to adjust the DPI output of the PDF?

Right now the quality seems to be fixed at ~100dpi on my browser. I’m using this to print shipping labels from GIFs. Im setting up an approximately 4x6 printing area and I would like the resolution to be as high as possible. The GIFs at full resolution are 800x1200 which translates into about 8"x12" PDF. I would like a PDF with the printable area of about 1/2 that.

I’m not sure how rotate works, but it seems to just make all my pages blank any time I give it a value. I’ve tweaked and tweaked to get anything to display on the output pages when using rotate, but it doesn’t work for me.