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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode


I’m fiddling with the plugin a bit, I don’t understand why I have to put an input for Source width & Source height, when I choose Source Format : Auto-detect…

I can’t seem to be able to have my page to download as PDF.


Hi @patricia,

I followed your steps but I don’t really understand you want me us to do at the step 3 ? Is it possible to have a couple screenshots please ? It would greatly help me !

Thanks :slight_smile:


when it’s auto you don’t need to set those parameters

it’s easier if you just follow this link for a sample setup

hope this helps


@timgarrett111 Would you be able to share your app with @levon so he can see the error where the PDF generator only works once and then does not work again?

Is anybody besides Tim and I having this issue?


@biminmotion I see @levon has pointed you to their in editor example. That does the job better than I can explain as levon says.


I tried your demo ! But I can’t figure what your “Convert page” is… :confused:


When you install the plugin, a Convert to PDF element appears under inputs in the Design editor tab. You simply put that element onto the page to convert, Right click on it and at the bottom of the right click menu you will See Start/Edit workflow. In the workflow you set what you want to happen when the conversions is completed. In my case I have a single step to open an external website that uses the URl that was generated when the page was converted so a new tabs opens and the user sees the result. I’m no expert on bubble so I honestly think you will be best served by studing the example in @levon editor - you will see the little Convert to PDF right under the Convert Page button. It is semi-transparent in teh editor so you can see it but it does not show on the PDF.


Hi @levon, I get my content in the pdf squeezed. Images and text doesn’t look so good as it does in the page it converts from. Any ideas? I have fiddled a lot with settings but cant seem to make an A4 look right. I tried an A3 and it actually looked better but I cant figure out what to configure to get an A4 to look normal.


Hey @levon

No problems @Bradluffy

It is late in the day here so I can share my app with you tomorrow.

I’ve not actually shared my app before but I’m sure I’ll be able to work it out.

It would be awesome for you to have a look as it seems the speed is the final bug for me.

Oh! Also the only download once.



@kris can you share some screenshots of content page and plugin settings?


Looking forward to access so we could debug, thanks


Thanks for wuick reply @levon!

Here is what I have now in settings:

Here is my editor content:

Here is the pdf result:


Thanks Tim. I am sure @levon and team will have this figured out soon!!


the problem is that the source page is wider than the chosen output format, that’s why the plugin condenses the content. Try choosing landscape orientation or a bigger output format (let’s say a3 or a2).
That should help.


I did exactly you said and did the open an external website and used the URL output and nothing happenend. My page is very long tho (38000 px length)


@biminmotion I am just another beginner. I don’t know why you are having problems. Will you please refer to the editor page that @levon and his team supplied. I was probably just lucky that it worked for me first time. I’m in the dark as much as you are.


@levon, thanks. But is there any optimal source settings so that A4 fits? I could easily compress the content to fit but I dont know what would what and how much.



try making sure that the source content on your Bubble page is not more than 793 pixels so that it fits in an A4 document


Ok in my quest to solve this plugin I found another error that might be contributing to the issue where it only works one time and then stops.



thanks Brad, what’s your device and browser?