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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Thank you for coming back to me @Bradluffy - I had already tried that and it did nothing either. In fact, ZeorCode’s editor example does not have it checked either. I am trying not to upload it to AWS but to keep it local for security reasons. But I did try just now again. What is happening is that the debugger shows the ConvertToPDF working but the trigger when it is complete is not triggering. I also tried to use the trigger when it was uploaded to AWS rather than just when it was converted and that did nothing either. I had this working when the plugin was just released but now I can’t replicate it … I’ve tried other browsers too. I’ve my head scratched raw at this point.


@Bradluffy - ZeoCode literally just pushed version 1.5 and I upgraded, placed the new Convert element on the page, rebuilt the workflows and it works perfectly. A glitch that crept in no doubt.


Now the next question is why when I have converted a page to PDF (perfectly incidentally) and I view/save it does the page itself show a slowly moving progress bar which eventually sticks and my page is unusable. Another glitch or me?


The error doesn’t appear anymore, but I’m still unable to specify a custom target format, which is where I was seeing the error in the first place.

Can @levon/anyone supply a working example of a custom target format PDF? The element that I want to export to PDF is 768px width and 1494px height, so I am entering 768,1494 into the custom target format field, with no luck. I’ve also tried a bunch of other things (768px,1494px | 768,1494 in px | 768,1494 in pixels | etc.) but nothing works. Previously it would always throw the error, now just nothing happens on the page. When I use the step-by-step workflow debugger, it just speeds through the Convert to PDF step like it never happens.


@levon @Bradluffy

Ok So! I just opened my computer and reset everything and its working perfectly!! I’m sat in a Starbucks in Hong Kong as you can probably imagine its a very very busy place and after I gave off a loud YES! when the doc.PDF landed in my download folder perfectly formatted, I apologised to everyone around me and recomposed and slowly sipped my coffee with absolute joy!!

This is such a powerful feature for the bubble community and an absolute bargain with the cost per month! ( altho I’m sure someone will complain )

@Levon I know I said it before but ill say it again! it’s amazing what ZeroQode do for the Bubble community! Please keep up the hard work and “Amazing support” you guys really do Rock!!!

You will not see me know for a few weeks I’m off to build reports!!



Thanks a lot Tim! :slight_smile:
Enjoy the plugin and Bubble
And stay tuned for more great stuff from us :slight_smile:


can you send us some screenshots of your plugin settings etc?


Hi @levon

Is it normal that I have no response from my plugin when I use it on a page that is 1600 width and 39000 height ? It works on other smaller pages (even if it compressed). I don’t know if i’m impatient and if I have to wait longer for it to process but I have been waiting for other 10 mins!

Any ideas what it could be ?


@biminmotion we’d need some screenshots of your plugin settings and the link where we could test it (with user login/password if required)

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Thanks I sent all the necessary credentials in PM !


@timgarrett111- now you know exactly how I felt when I first tried the plugin and it worked … no idea how I did it, I suspect it was a fluke given the tweaks needed since but I too have it working beautifully in my app. I’m still pinching myself about the speed. Now if @levon and ZeroCode guys can write a PRO version that allows us to put headers/footers on every page and allows a special header on the first page and a special footer on the last page (like the totals on an invoice for example) then we will award them a medal.


@levon here are two screenshots, the first one is my workaround using Legal format and is what’s in production now – you can see it working here if you click on any of the brand logos and click Export in the popup:

The second one (below) is what’s in dev now, which is trying to use a Custom Format, but when clicking Export, nothing happens. This is where it used to at least throw the error, now nothing.

If I leave the Custom Target Format field completely blank it will throw a Null error (below), both otherwise nothing happens when triggering the event …


Oh no! So I was so close.

I just spent the last 12 hours building reports and loved every minute of it!! I did not receive 1 bug and every download was perfect!

So I sent a test over to my potential client and within 10 minutes they sent this back to me :((((((((

Im Gutted! I did not test it properly with enough data . ( School boy Error I suppose ) The trouble I have here is it cuts into a repeating group which is only determined by a users data, so I have no way of controlling this.

I asked them how important this was to them and they said they can not print reports like that! Darn!

@levon do you have any ideas how a can overcome this?


the canvas limit in Chrome is 32 000 (in IE it’s even much less) , if we try to break it into several canvases it would make the plugin logic much more complex which we wouldn’t do right now, I’m afraid.

we have an idea that we’ll give a try, will update once it’s done.


Well I’ll try to make under 36000 px then, have 7000 px to reduce… Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


That would be amazing!

Thanks Levon!


I have the same issue with page breaks cutting the content groups, repeating groups etc. Hope there is a fix soon.


I would imagine this is not an easy fix so we may have to be patient.



Hmm… well I cant deliver this to my client, so the 7$ per month does nothing right now sadly.


we’ll try ti deliver this in the next few days (hopefully)