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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode


@levon Sounds great! :slight_smile:


hey All,
we have just published an update that includes some improvements:

  1. page breakers - this is a new plugin element that can be inserted on the page and it will tell the plugin that it should break the page and continue on the next page. This element should be visible but it will not appear in the preview or in the pdf. This should help solve the issue that @timgarrett111 and @kris were having in particular. Here is an example of page break usage
  2. the option to exclude certain Bubble page elements (by indicating their IDs) from converting to a PDF
  3. minor fixes and improvements.

Please test and let us know how it works…


Great thanks very much I will test out when I get into work today and feedback any issues if any.

Cheers Levon


Hmm, for me the button I had that created the pdf does not do anything anymore. I have to go back to v 1.4 to make it create a PDF again. What am I doing wrong with this version? Is there anything I should do differently?


I would second these recommendations. Without this, creation of invoices is a problem, and functionality sorely missing in the bubble app itself, or in the community.


Works perfectly, great job @levon & his team !

But the uploading time is significantly bigger (around 30/45s)… Is it normal ?


@kris did you refresh the editor after upgrading the plugin version? Did you deploy your app to live?
If yes, and it still didn’t work, please send us the screenshots of your plugin settings and workflows and also a link to test

@biminmotion same here, we’d need screenshots and link to test


I did everything I think, unsub, resub publish to live, but the button did not do anything. I rolled back to 1.4 and the button created a PDF. I have no more testing time because client will go through a working version soon, so I had to go for the select PDF… expensive, but I can sell this now. For the client it’s all about the PDFs end result. Page breaks when naturally, easily A4 format etc. I will keep an eye on this and test it with later versions and switch when it works for me.

Hope you nail this, because it’s very potent :slight_smile:


as i said we need screenshots and link to test


@davidb2 thank you for seconding this request, I was amazed that nobody had mentioned it because I find these exact requests in any number of bubble forum threads. I’m also wondering why @levon ignored it, he’s usually so comprehensive in his replies … I’m guessing we are pushing them into very tricky territory and I don’t think the open source Github code they are using delivers this functionality. Still, let’s hope someone will build it someday because it would double, or more, the value that could be charged for the plug-in.

I believe the Documetal plugin can be made to do this, at least the developer @jarrad who has now combined forces with ZeroCode said somewhere on the forum it could, but he also said you needed to be comfortable coding … which is not exactly where a lot of us bubbler’s sit.


I have actually found @levon to be pretty responsive in requests to improve plugins. Regardless of how they build or deliver the plugin they are still providing something not previously available to bubble users which is of itself a value. I think this pdf plugin is one of the best available. I am sure there is room for improvement as their always is but I think he is doing a great job providing services thus far.


@patricia do you mean headers footers etc? I thought it’s just a suggestion and not something critical. If it is then we could look into it and see if we can add that into the plugin


@Bradluffy I never said to the contrary. If you care to look back I was the first person to comment in this thread and say how easy the plugin was to use and how blistering fast it was. And a blind man can see how responsive @levon has been. But my suggestion,based on endless comments and requests on numerous other PDF threads got no response until @davidb2 seconded it.


@levon - I’ve spent a lot of time reaching the various PDF threads on this forum and the big thing I’ve seen many times is the ability to ensure that a specific footer always appears on the bottom of the last page of a document. Most often this appears to be a vertical table of figures on the bottom of an invoice (eg pretax total, discount total, a list of tax rate totals, tax total, amount paid, amount owing). Having this detail is actually mandatory in some countries/states. That is something I would love to see but am reluctantly doing without for now. I know this is more complex than your page breaker (which is an excellent addition) because it needs to take account of the height of the footer to determine when it will fit on a page or when another blank page has to be added to allow the full footer to be shown on a single page.

So that is the biggest single request from my reading of the other threads. I’d bet this alone, never mind the blistering speed and improved privacy/security of keeping sensitive data local, would convince many Select PDF users to put in the small amount of page redesign work necessary to allow them to switch to your plugin.

I’ve also seen people looking for a specific header on the first page only but that happens anyway so I’m not sure what uses they are referring too.

And then there were people looking for headers/footers on all pages. That I can understand because sometimes a document needs a page count like “Page 5 of 6” for legal reasons. This usually appears on all pages except the first. Also long reports might want page numbers too.

Where I come from we have to also show the company directors names, registered office address (often it’s not the physical location) and company registration and tax numbers) and these are usually put in a footer on the first page or on the last page just below the figures table I mentioned above. And, of course there it’s often a small print disclaimer on the bottom of that final page too, again that could just be part of the final page footer of it existed.

That’s the best I can do. I hope it helps.


@levon you could consider doing some market discovery by opening a poll thread asking for people who want headers/footer on PDFs to +1 for the request and that might determine if it is likely to yield the financial returns you would need to make the effort worthwhile.


I sent you a message w/ the screenshots

Some pages are also printed twice and different locations… A nice add would be to see where the initial page breaks would be !


Hi All

I’m finding the new addition to be very handy. Every thing is working well for me now.

Thanks everyone!


@patricia thanks for your inputs and indeed they are really helpful.
One question though, did you try achieving that with Bubble?
If that’s not possible for technical reasons, how the headers/footers should look like? Do you need a lot of control over their design? Or is it just a few lines of text? What settings/parameters would be required for them?


@biminmotion the problem is that your page is 30 000 px and you are using many page breakers (each page breaker is processed separately). the resulting pdf is 34 pages, so that’s why it’s not instantaneous (and probably cannot be unless you remove the page breakers)



Ok thanks, I’ll figure a solution !