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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode


This is a super helpful thread! I have the plugin working on my page, but the PDF seems to be stretched (distorted vertically).

The source width and height are set to the width and height of my page (W 1280 H 11,500).
I also have source format set to “auto detect”. (screen shot attached)

I feel like I’m doing something very silly, but can’t seem to get the PDF to look right. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


did you check both links to editors of example pages as well as the documentation that we have for the plugin here?


Hi Levon- Thanks for the reply!

I have been looking at the documentation and the example apps and am still having trouble.

I’ve actually cloned the page I’m trying to produce as a PDF and resized it to a width of 960 and am still getting a distorted PDF. I am using auto-detect and am targeting an A4 format. All of the elements on my page are contained in groups and all of those groups are fixed width (not sure if that matters for your plugin).

Does my page width matter when using this plugin or should any page width scale down properly when using auto detect source format?



any page width should work with the right settings. I’d suggest you to experiment with simple page first - make it work - and then gradually add elements to see at which point the result breaks. That way you can narrow it down to something more specific - and if it’s a bug we’ll try to fix it


@biminmotion hello, we see that the underlines are now rendered into the pdf, perhaps the library that we use has been updated and that solved the problem. Can you check on your side and confirm?


Hey @levon I just bought the subscription so i can test it out before buying and my PDFs are just so blurry. Are they supposed to be crisp like a normal PDF?


Jason, the quality is not supposed to get worse
we will investigate the report you’ve sent through private message


Thanks very much, i tried even with a simple page and still the quality is just blurry. Not crisp like a real PDF. Thanks so much for looking into this. It’s the only thing stopping me from buying the plug-in in full. Thanks @levon! You are the best! :slight_smile:


Any news on this? Does anyone else see this problem of not very crisp PDFs? I would love if the other users would chime in to let me know if they have succeeded in creating clean and crisp PDFs or not. What do the end results look like? I can’t seem to get the demo to work with actually creating a PDF, just one that looks like a PDF but is actually just the website. So… anyone have an actual working copy of a PDF that looks crisp? Or are they just satisfied with a little bit blurry PDF?

@patricia @Bradluffy @biminmotion @vincent56 @timgarrett111 @kris @davidb2 @ed11 @Kamp
Thanks All! :slight_smile:


@J805 Jason, we are still working on it, we have spotted an issue and are trying to fix it. There is a strange thing that the quality sometimes is better on regular screens and is worth on Retina ones. So we are trying to find a solution that would work well on all devices. We have received a similar report from @patricia so you are not alone in this :slight_smile:
I will update asap


Yes, @J805. I have only recently experienced the problem, actually not me but my early adopter client. There is a mix of screen types and printer types so it is difficult to tie down but I believe it probably has something to do with the fact that I think the plugin takes a screen grab and turns it into an image then makes a PDF from the image. So @levon’s team appear to be headed in the right direction and if my experience with them in recent weeks is anything to go by, they will find a solution and fast. So sit tight because this is still the fastest and easiest PDF generator to use.


Ok, great to know I am not alone, I hope you can fix it soon. I would love to implement this fully into my app. Just waiting on that update to do it. Thanks so much for working on this. I am glad there is finally an option on Bubble that is pretty easy to implement for PDFs. I think this is a major help for so many people. The price is appealing as well. Can’t wait to buy it in full.


Thanks for replying Patricia. I am glad I am not alone. :slight_smile: That’s what I was wondering too. Seems like maybe they use something similar to jsPDF and html2canvas. That was something I was going to try to implement myself. Glad they beat me to it. :slight_smile:


@J805, @patricia so we have just pushed an update that in our tests proved to improve the quality of images in the output pdf, please install the latest plugin version, refresh the editor and give it another try.
Looking forward to your feedback


Great! I will give it a shot. Thanks. :slight_smile: I will let you know what happens.


I can’t push an update to my users yet because I’m reworking parts of the app and I’ve broken bits (intentionally, fortunately). I look forward to pushing it out when ready and to hearing from @J805 on how he gets on.



It seems to be an issue under application converttoPDFpage’s Output file URL in emails. Target URL switches to https://null/ receiving email via SendGrid. Emails sent via send email will not arrive at all.

Can you please check that. Thanks!


ahh, quality seems to be much better in the new release. Thank you so much.


this could be because we return URLs starting with // instead of https:// - we will fix this meanwhile you can manually add https: before the OutputfileURL state



we’ve just pushed an update with the corrected URL output. Please install the latest plugin version