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[Bubble PoC] GroupZ - All contacts of any group together. Quick & Easy!


Hello all,
I just recently attended some events - both private and business - and I was surprised how hard it is to exchange contact information although all share a common goal to even get in contact with on another. Some phone numbers were exchanged, some LinkedIn profiles etc. but only on a 1:1 basis.
My idea was to make that easier and not based on a specific app but webased.
So I created a PoC of my idea in bubble.

There are mainly two types of users:

  1. Group/Event organizer:
  • Creates new group on website
  • Adds details of the Group/Event like Name and Location
  • A Poster containing a link as QR code is being generated which can be shared via screen or printed as PDF on the actual Event
  1. Attendee of the Event/Group
  • Scans QR Code
  • Enters his/her details (so far basic information and a photo)
  • Receives link via mail to group overview page

So far it is a PoC and needs proper styling etc. However I wanted to gather your opinion on the idea and the workflow so far. Also I am open for critics and suggestions of course so please fire away :slight_smile:


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I just took a quick look at the app and the workflow.

You probably need to consider some privacy options and the ability to remove yourself from the event.

Regarding privacy options let the attendee choose what information he/she wants to leave public so that other people can identify this person. I would say name and surname initial, full name or even just the picture. And the rest of his contact info can be public directly or require an approval on your side.

Someone can search in the directory for my name or my picture as he/she probably will know one of both if we have interacted. But maybe this person is of no interest to me so I don’t want to reveal my contact details publicly. Make this person have to request see my contact details and for me to approve it.

Privacy would be my main concern with this type of app so think of ways to make me more comfortable by protecting it if I want to.

Good luck!



Hi Jon,
thanks for your time looking at the flow and providing your feedback.
Makes total sense.

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I can see that for some of you the QR Code Generation did not work correctly. Could you please let me know in just a few words what exactly happened?



It was fine for me.




This shows up when trying to save the PDF



Hi @J805,
did the QR render correctly for you?
The only image I render into the PDF currently is the QR code…
Is your group called “blka” ?



The QR Code did render fine on the webpage. Just not in the PDF.



Thanks to all who already created GroupZ. So far I can see mostly it went well for you from a technical perspective.
Would you be so kind to also check out the workflow for the attendees like scanning the QR Code and enter your information?
I have concerns that the picture uploader ist working correctly…
Thank you so far!!



Hello guys,
I can still see QR codes failing in creation. Since I am using a PlugIn and cannot reproduce the problem it would be great if you could leave a quick info if the problem occurs in order to get to the ground of the problem.
Thanks to all again and happy bubbling!