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Bubble Training in Southern Vermont



I’m helping to organize a Hackathon - “Hack in the Woods” - here in southern Vermont. It will take place on a serene college campus and NOT be the typical Red Bull-infused, stress-inducing hackathon environment. This event will include access to walking trails, good coffee, local food, camp fire, and just-changing autumnal foliage in late September in Vermont - What could be better?

My focus is economic development. For funding purposes, I’m trying to create an educational track that might be attractive to the local tech community and I think that Bubble (visual programming as a track) would be a good fit.

I’m looking for folks who have experience with Bubble training, on-site F2F, to would be interested. I need help understanding if Bubble topics alone could fill 1.5 days, etc.

Many thanks for your thoughts and recommendations.


I do workshops in the DC area teaching non-technical founders about Bubble. There’s DEFINITELY enough Bubble content for 1.5 days, but I also talk about what the broader workflow of building a product looks like.

Funny enough, I’m giving a workshop this weekend about it to 12 local founders trying to figure out how to get their products built.


Hi @brown.rth,

I would be glad to help you.

Please check your PM for further details.



Having been to my share of hackathons, that sounds like a nice change of pace. Hope it goes well! :smiley: