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Bubble Veterans: How would you approach this?


Hey all,

I’m currently attempting to schedule a notification to be sent to a specific user at a future date, without the user ever having to visit the page that the scheduled notification is coming from. The current way I’m attempting to accomplish this just won’t work, no matter how I try to do it. I’m frustrated and need a new possible angle to work.

So, I’m looking for a new approach. All the veterans here, how would you approach this?


User-created a product and paid for the product to be posted until 10/11/2018. When the time for his/her posted product has expired an automated notification needs to be sent to him with a call to action.

Note: I already have a notification system that works. It’s automating the notification for a future date that’s throwing me for a loop. I have a paid plan with the ability to do API workflows.


On your app, or via Mail/SMS ?


Hey @NigelG, thanks for responding. So I already have a notification system that gets sent to the specific users “dashboard”. Similar to how notifications operate on this forum. The notification system works perfectly when a user clicks a button and interacts with a “thing”.

However, its the automation of a notification being sent at a future date that I can’t get to work.


@NigelG, I think I figured it out… thanks again for your willingness to help. Much appreciated.


Interested to hear your solution.

My guess would be to run a workflow every minute to check to see if a notification has arrived, and pop a workflow if it has.


Well at the time of product creation, that triggers a pre-scheduling of the workflow notification based off whatever expiration date the user has chosen at the time they are posting the product.

I candidly have to add, in my scenario above, I greatly simplified what I’m actually looking to achieve. However, figuring out this one thing provided me with the solutions to everything else I needed.