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Bug Reported & No Response #5284


Dear Bubble Team,
I have reported a bug that is occurring in complete details in Bug Report #5284

This screenshot gives an idea:

The person in charge of my bug told me that I have to provide a test username/password for my application so he can test. Formerly I only had Google Authentication available but for his sake I have created a test user so he can log in.

Several days past and I still get no response, and in the end they will tell me it’s weekend now. I am paying for the Personal plan every month which I can hardly afford but I am paying.

Please tell me what else I can do to get a response/solution for this bug? Please respect your customer’s time.



Hi our last response to you was on Feb 11 after which we didn’t hear back. Feel free to send us a reminder or start a new thread if you believe your emails are getting filtered out.

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Hi Neerja,
I’ve sent you this email below again. Please check your spam box i haven’t received any delivery failure from my side.


#4 Sent you an email and DM. Let us know if you received either.



I have received your email
Did you receive the email that includes the username and password? (Attached screenshot above) note: it’s a test login, and not confidential.

Kindly confirm.



I think the email server OR security end point solution on your end is removing any content that includes username and password as a kind of security measure. Please tell me if you received my screenshot.


#7 Received snapshot. Thanks and we’re taking a look.


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