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Building a single bubble app with a team, Impossible? Solutions/Hacks/Ideas/Experience?

I was assuming branching was the solution for this.

You branch the code(“Different app versions by collaborator” as per Neerja’s reply) and then merge your changes back into master.

Same for the rest of developers. That is what I understood as GIT-like feature.

May be that… who knows what will actually get rolled to us. Maybe one thing solves more than one issue.


Neerja - This is keeping us from increasing number of licenses and how quickly we can get to production and move to a dedicated instance, so I am confident that this feature would improve the revenue for the company and increase the number of teams and developers that would use this. I am of the belief that no-coders are a great market but bringing no-coding to developers to move more quickly and focus on the differentiating code in plug ins and more sophisticated solutions will be difference in going towards enterprise and having major SAAS solutions using bubble. IMHO.

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Have you thought about creating a admin dashboard inside of the app that could make changes to the whole app by sign in to the app instead of bubble. I mean it would probably be very complex I think but could work, maybee

OP is referring to the editor.

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