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Builtonbubble leads to dangerous website


I was just browsing around the forum and I came upon this post:

from user @levon and I followed the link in his signature to “builtwithbubble” and it took me, after multiple re-directs, to a dodgy fake Apple “bug report” website with a pop-up that I could not close. I guess the domain is no longer used and someone is now re-directing it to a phishing site?

I would have sent a PM to the OP but could not see how to do that here (maybe since I am a new user?).

Can the URL be blocked or something forum-wide?



to send a PM simply click on the users name or profile picture and click “Message”



The new domain seems to be, but yeah, that should be changed.



shoot, seems I screwed up here, I didn’t extend the registration of because we have moved away from it long ago, first to and lately to Haven’t realized It will be still in my old signatures throughout this forum.
somebody seems to have used my omission.
I have sent an email to (the registrar of the domain) asking to take action, but not sure if it’ll help.
@Bubble is it possible to block the domain on the forum or permanently redirect it?

@major_groove thanks for spotting and reporting this! :pray:

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Ironically, it looks like I can PM everyone except @levon. Is there a reason for that?? :thinking:



there is a reason, i started to receive way too many bug reports through private messages. It’s not possible for a team to work on one when it’s received that way. Unless I copy paste all details in a trouble ticket.

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@levon The service we use for the forum, Discourse, does not appear to support blocking the domain or permanently redirecting it. Do let us know if you find a workaround and we can help in anyway.