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Can I make use of the camera on my mobile device?


Hey guys, I’m having a blast getting to know and have lots of app ideas. One is an app which takes a pic and references that pic to a database. This is a bit of a big leap for my first bubbles app but I’m just wondering if the camera is supported on phones to take photos and reference them to an outside database. Maybe QR codes even? A QR code is referenced to a database and the info pops up for the user either by external site or internal info.



Actually, Bubble isn’t ‘native’ app on iOs or Android, but coming soon in near future I heard. The moment Bubble becoming native, the access to Contacts, Camera, microphone, etc… will be all open available features. Oct 2016 maybe? Right now, Ziggeo is primitive for the job you need, in my point of view (add Ziggeo in Bubble plugin).

Is it possible to make an ios app/app for iphone and ipad?

Right now I think the only way to get a picture into Bubble is the take a picture and then use the picture upload.

QR codes work fine with this …


Hi @NigelG! Is there an update on takeing photos with Bubble?

Is the easiest way to just use the picture upload?



Yes, believe it still is. But haven’t re-looked at this for a long time.


It is the only way, I think. Only problem is that it will display a selector asking if you want to Take a picture, select from album etc. This is the standard browser behaviour. But if you can live with that, it’s OK. For good UX, just make sure you implement some user feedback after the picture is taken, since it needs to be uploaded to the Bubble server before the user can continue. You can do this be creating a workflow that responds when the value of the picture input element has changed (for example use it to display a group with a “loading text”).


Checking in to see if this is working yet as this post is 2 years old.