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Can you keep Custom States in alphabetical sequence?


Having put in a fair amount of work adding custom states to pages and other elements, I see that they are not kept in alphabetical sequence in the Element inspector.

I haven’t fully verified this but it seems that when a new custom state is added, it is placed in the list alphabetically.


However, when a custom state is renamed, it stays in its original place in the list. This usually puts it out of alphabetical sequence. For instance, when the w prefix was added to DaysAdd and the c prefix was added to StatusCodeDeferred, they were kept in their original place which put them out of order based on their new spelling.


Is there a way to keep custom states in alphabetical sequence?


Small bug report needed here. With the server logs, it always keep the original name.


Thanks for chiming in, John.

I month or so ago I had a similar issue with some workflows not being sorted alphabetically when renamed. The Bubble team got on it right away.

As you have, I also noticed that some items, I think they were field names, retained their original (internal?) name even after being renamed in the editor. It makes reading logs harder than it should be.

I will try to report this as a bug over the weekend.