Capacity usage notice


Hello all,

I cannot figure out why I am getting the Bubble capacity emails. My application is not live yet and I only logged in once in the last 24 hours to test just 2 pages within the app. There isn’t but but one workflow on each of the two pages I tested yesterday.

I have attached screenshots of the server logs and usage reports. I am concerned because the application is being demoed at a large trade show in Chicago next month. I do not want to have any issues with capacity during the demos.

Bubble notice|644x366

I welcome any advice and suggestions!



Gee. I wonder why nobody cared to answer this question. I’m in a similar situation and I’d like to know the answer. @emmanuel ?


We can’t really give a generic answer as each app is different. That’s why we added some analytics tools to see where capacity is going. In general, capacity usage is driven by workflow and page complexity (in particular searches) and volume. The more workflow runs happen the more capacity you use


See? That’s an answer.