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Change the State of a RepeatingGroup Cell by clicking on another element


I’m encountering a really annoying problem that I tried to solve for many days unsucessful.

Here the problem :

  • I would like to know if there is any way to “reset” a state of a repeating group cell by clicking outside the element ?

I know how custom states works, but the problem is, I can’t change the “Cell” State, by clicking on something outside the cell.

Here a screen with the problem attached :

The “Matched Users” is clicked (its a group, with a custom state)

and the “>Yo” Folder is inside a repeating group.

I can’t selected from the “workflow” anything that could “reset” the state of the >Yo Folder, or even set the state to “False”.

It seems I can change a Repeating Group Cell State by clicking on it only, not by clicking on anything else.
I know how to create the conditional state, but I can’t find how to do it with the workflow as I can’t selected the RG Cell by clicking another element.

I want that when I click on “Matched Users” that the >Yo Folder in a RG group reset its state.

Anyone can explain if its possible to do it ?

Thanks for your help.