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Check just one checkbox from a list


I have a repeating group that shown list of things from database and the user should be able to choice just one of them, any suggestion of how I can do that ?


Sure, set a condition on the page for “selected-thing” and then all of the elements in each cell into a group. As such, you’ll have 1 group for each cell. Then, run a workflow when someone clicks that group, set the “selected-things” value = current cell’s thing.

You’ll probably want to add in some conditional formatting so if, for example, current cell’s thing = the page’s selected-thing, then make background color darker so the user knows which option is selected.


Thank you , I used set status for selected cell but what I asked for is if the user have options 1, 2 and 3 and he check number 1 , then he decided to choose number 2 , when he check number 2, the option number 1 should be uncheked automatically


Yes. When you use a custom state and everytime a new cell in the RG is selected it updates the custom state, then only 1 value is ever selected in the custom state. Make sense?


I’v created a state “addr-select” and used it to add address that was selected to order
but the user still select 2 address in the same time instead just one , look the photo

I need to do that like radio buttom


If you set the cells of the RG to reference that custom state, then you’ll only have 1 that’s selected.


I am sorry, but nothing work well. So I got to think in radio buttons with daynamic choice.
and I think it work well.

and the result is
I just wondering if there a more easy way to do that


If you watch this video, you’ll see me build this from scratch:

Setting a data field to blank/undefined

ooooo yeah, thank you,that was very very helpfull video.