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Compress image before upload



Is there a way to compress/re-size image from camera/local folder before upload?

I need this to speed up pic uploading, I’m creating an app for mobile with pic upload by user intensively.

I already use croppie but seems it upload pic in original size first before processing

Tks in advance


Hi @anwarsby :slight_smile: I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like Kraken’s API may be able to accomplish this:

In their API docs, they state that you can upload files directly using a POST call. I’m not sure if this would be significantly faster than uploading the standard way, but it may be worth a try!


Hi fayewatson … tks for quick share info… :+1:Will give it a try



What you need is a javascript library that would do the compression on client side and then upload the picture. I am not sure if this is possible via plugin. It is probbbaly doable though