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Connect bubble to Thunkable through API


Good morning friends,

As I continue to get better and better at creating apps with bubble, I’ve been loving the ability to use bubble as a back-end for native mobile apps. I started making responsive web apps but since it’s no longer an option to simply use webview to put these apps on app markets, I started using other alternatives like Dropsource for example.

Dropsource has great tutorials on how to allow users to login to Bubble via a native app (not webview) but I’m not finding any help out there for how to do the same with Thunkable. Has anyone here had any luck with this? If so could you please point me in the right direction? I’ve been looking through several different forums for help with this but haven’t found much yet.



BUMP. I’m also trying to use bubble as back end and webapp.

I can’t seem to find a way to connect thunkable to bubbles appdata.


Wondering if there is a way for my native app on Thunkable to pull data and authentication from my Bubble database.


This is a quick build of mine on Thunkable that grabs data from Bubble DB


Awesome, thanks for sharing. Did your mobile app get approved by Apple and Android? Is it live? Would love to check it out.