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Connecting two repeating groups


Hi everyone,

I am needing some help figuring out how to make it so (1) clicking on a cell of a Repeating Group (2) activates data on another Repeating Group on the same page. Can someone explain to me the logic for how this can be accomplished?

*** EDIT ***
The column on the right should also be a repeating group, not a single thing of data. It will be a data set of user reviews and comments.

Essentially, I am trying to mimic a specific page on If you go to their website and search for anything under the “Jobs” tab, you will see what I am referring to.



Quick question - Why is the group on the right a repeating group? Do you intend to show a list of things or a details of a single thing?

In case of a single thing, all you have to do is define the type of thing for the group and then write a workflow on click click of the cell to display data in this group.

Hope this helps.




Hi Anil,

Sorry - I should have made that clear in the beginning. The column to the right should be another repeating group of data, which contains reviews/comments for an individual product.

For a simple example, if Test2 from the left repeating group was the product Spiced Pumpkin Latte, the column to the right would be user reviews and comments of this product.



To achieve that, create a custom state that saves the selected product in the left group. (Workflow for this - Set sate when a particular cell is selected to that product). Then, in the right group, set the type of thing to the reviews table, where the data source should be Do a search for reviews where product = value of the custom state.

Hope this helps.




It doesn’t matter if the thing on the right is an RG (multi item) a regular group. The same technique applies. Check out the 2nd half of my video, where I do this:


Thank you both for the input! I was able to accomplish the task with the combined information that you both provided. Keith, your video helped immensely and pointed me in the right direction (thanks so much for taking the time to create this video). Amil, your last comment helped me get it all working by showing me logic on retrieving the data.

Thanks again!