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Copy url to clipboard


Hey everyone, I’m new to Bubble

In my app I’ve a Link element that have conditions for it’s url propriety so that it changes based on user imput on an imput form.

I have a button that acitivate Air Copy to Clipboard plugin to copy the url propriety of the Link element, but problem is in the field “Text to copy” of the plugin I can’t choose the url of the Link element.
The link element is not among those selectable.

What am I missing?
How can I get this result?


Why dont you just copy from the input form instead? or store the link inside of a custom state.


I don’t copy from the imput because in the input I put a code and based on the format of the code the resulting url changes.
I’ve done this with condionals for the link elements, but there are no conditionals for the plugin.

How can I store the link inside a custom state?


click the bottom link i sent you. it recorded a screencast showing how.


Sorry but I don’t get it.

The actual url to be copied is only inside the LINK ELEMENT (url propriety).

If set my custom text to be equal to the user imput when it changes value, what I’ll get is custom text = code typed by the user
And not the actual url.


Wait a minute, I’m asking for help and you say I’m trolling?


@cardelli.alessandro hoping to get you to a resolution here. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can share a few screenshots of your setup? (Or feel free to PM a direct link to your app). Happy to take a closer look.


I solved this, thanks in anyway dan1!


Hey, could you share your solution? I really need it too.

Thank you.