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Created Horizontal Collapsing Repeating Groups


Here is a video of what i made.

It is a collapsing RG horizontal… cant figure out why a SUB repeating group keeps getting malformed inside it. Anyone have any idea may be? :slight_smile:

Watch Video

Feature request: Variable heights/width for Repeating Group items (and other elements?)

I recently figured out how to change the width of the RG

Check out this post


Recursive link :slight_smile:


What do you mean by that :slight_smile:


The link you posted just goes right back to the original forum post.


I’ve been trapped here for four hours. Please help! :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL Wooops


Could you share how you did this?


Very nice!
How did you do the trick?
Do you have an empty collapsible group in the RG cell with a show/hide workflow?


I used the CSS in an HTML object and then rewrite it with a workflow


It would be nice to see this is editor :grinning:


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