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CRITICAL-URGENT: App Working in Development Version But Not in Live Version


We are facing a weird issue with out app where the app runs well in the development version without any issues or flaws and displays the data in the app. But in the live version, which is visible to the end users the data is not getting populated.

The data is populated from API &SQL connectors. While these are giving response when i test in live version, they dont show any value in the app. I have attached the screenshot to help you guys understand the issue better.

The Development Version :

Live version :

I tried several things like seeing if API connector is working, Pushing an update again etc. But nothing worked here.

Any help to resolve this issue would be great, this needs to be rectified at the earliest possible. It has a direct impact on the final end user’s application.

@Bubble @emmanuel @NigelG @sridharan.s @neerja

Thanks in Advance


Adding to the above mentioned issue.

We have also seem that whenever we have debug_mode=true we are seeing data in the app and once you remove that its not showing any data.

Here is the video link for the same.

If we add debug_Mode=true in the live version it is providing data. Can some one help in solving this issue.



I would get in touch with support at


Just want to mention our app is having the same issue, working normally while debug_mode=true, not working for the rest of our users accessing the app normally, without debug_mode=true.


I’ve seen this before and concluded (without actual confirmation from Bubble) that the execution of actions in debug mode is at a minimum different, or possibly even slower. So in my case, it appeared to be a timing issue in a workflow with several actions–debug timing was allowing actions to complete in the order I was expecting, however debug off was pushing things through very quickly. In the end, this behavior really was just highlighting that I had to restructure the workflow with things like custom events, in order to control the flow.


Also, your debug is showing errors, so make sure those aren’t part of the problem.



We pushed a fix with the DB Connector, please check if you still hit issues.


@emmanuel Thanks for the fix, The app is up and running now!

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